Good job on tweak­ing Medisave/Medishield; PSLE; Changi Airport.

But we can­not keep treat­ing GLBT, sin­gles, unwed and divorced par­ents as sec­ond class cit­i­zens. Being GLBT sin­gle, unwed or divorced does not dimin­ish their poten­tial to ful­fil their so-called roles in soci­ety. But peg­ging hous­ing afford­abil­ity to offi­cially het­ero­sex­u­ally mar­ried sta­tus states the opposite.

Just as Malaysia’s pro-Bumiputra poli­cies as regards edu­ca­tion and pub­lic ser­vice has effected a ter­ri­ble tal­ent drain in the past decade, so will con­tin­u­ing to uphold such unfair­ness in our coun­try. And our peo­ple are our only resources.

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