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Dear Blog,

As I was say­ing the other day, there really isn’t much for the dozen of us to blog about. I mean, a group blog requires a lot of coor­di­na­tion. You need a com­mit­tee for this kind of thing. Per­son­ally, I would rec­om­mend our Ang Moh MP, Michael Palmer. He’s very elo­quent, and he is Eurasian, and there­fore very used to being in the media.

There’s a joke going around: “No, Michael Palmer is not the MP for Ang Mo Kio, he is just Ang Moh”.

So, while there are one or two things hap­pen­ing each day that are of national con­cern, it is hard for us to talk about it pub­licly, even voice our thoughts, because we need to see what the party line is, and what the gov­ern­ment stance is before we say anything.

You can imag­ine there would be a lot of explain­ing and back­track­ing to do if we said some­thing con­trary to the offi­cial line, and that’s really ask­ing for more work.

Like I was say­ing the other day, some of us are so busy. Take Dr Vivian Bal­akr­ish­nan. Poor fella is up to his eye­balls in work. Good thing he’s an eye spe­cial­ist too. I heard from his office staff that he actu­ally reads and answers emails from the pub­lic. Can’t fault him for being an ide­al­ist, lah. He really wants to help the peo­ple, so kenah MCYS lor.

So the Sin­ga­pore Dol­lar is so strong now it is quite unbe­liev­able. I would go to the U.S. for a hol­i­day with my fam­ily if I had the time. That is my unof­fi­cial reac­tion ok? Don’t take it as gov­ern­ment pol­icy. This is a blog, by the way, not a press release.

Besides, I’m not sure what the ratio­nale behind the dollar’s strength is. Thar­man tried to explain, but my math not as good as his. Then again, maybe he didn’t explain properly.

You see? It is hard to reas­sure the pub­lic that all of us know exactly what we are doing with the coun­try, when some of us, like myself, are really not too clear.

I have cre­ated a key­board short­cut for my Microsoft Office and email appli­ca­tions: You press “Alt-Ctrl-M-G”, and you get the state­ment “The Gov­ern­ment is mon­i­tor­ing the sit­u­a­tion very closely”.

Saves a lot of time.

OK, I have to go and mon­i­tor the sit­u­a­tion very closely now.

- P65 Roxx!

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  • http://mooiness.com mooi­ness

    Heheh, awe­some read thus far. :)

  • http://mooiness.com mooi­ness

    Heheh, awe­some read thus far. :)

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