Pat yourselves on the back, but not too much, because sekali people don’t like

How do you volunteers do it?

You’ve got day jobs and other things in your life you’ve got to contend with, and you still turn up and run the show like you’ve done Bloggers’ Conferences all your lives. Damned good lor!

Next time got international bloggers’ conferences, you all have to volunteer again.

I was so excited about the whole thing, I didn’t know what to say to so many people who came, chatted, and went and chatted with other bloggers.

Plus I did so little for the Conference, I feel terribly guilty. All I did was call Mindef to activate Daryl so I could take over the legal panel’s segment, which was the best fun I’ve had in public in a long time. (Last time was when I had to take a dump on a traffic island in Loyang because there were no toilets to be found. Sorry, bougainvillea cluster, you been browned.)

And what about Robert Goh being outed? Thank you Sunday Times! Anonymininity is for cowards! We are gonna run photographs of press reporters queueing to interview bloggers!

So hor, since I’m so late (as usual) in writing about Bloggers.SG, I’ll stop here now. Dowan people to call me Channel Newslater.

Now, back to real life in meatspace and its attendant stuff to blog about.

TODAY: Chip off the blog, 20 July 2005


And, oh, to meet bloggers whose faces we’ve not known in real life, now that was a treat. Blogger Sarong Party Girl ( turned up after the Sunday Times reporters left, which is a pity. Because, if they had stayed on, they might have had the chance to witness that the Sarong Party Girl without her sarong is still pretty much a Party Girl.

Read more here.

Chip off the blog 20 July 2005
PDF version

P.S. Thank you Serene and Melissa for a fine job in Digital Life’s coverage of the Con. Sunday Times people, learn from them can?

Sometime Other Than Now from the album “Slow Turning” by John Hiatt

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TODAY: Go ahead, tick off your boss, rant about a date

TODAY 5 July 2005


Like how Evelyn ( writes about her boss giving her a task and then correcting her work:

“What’s the point of me writing another 2 lousy programs when he could have done it so much better…(my 3 pages become 3/4 page when he “edited”)? Do also die, don’t do also die.”

Or how like Fat Fingers ( has a “I want to…” list on the sidebar of her site that begins with “1. kill my boss”.

Read more here.

TODAY: Bloggers without borders


The winner of the Malaysian bloggers’ Blog of the Year Award ( arrived here on Saturday, informing only a few trusted Singaporean counterparts of his visit. But it is quite silly to trust a blogger, Singaporean or otherwise, as Kenny found out.

Read more here. (PDF version here)

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Debuting at your neighbourhood 7-11

Don’t go to the 7-11 to pick up a copy of TODAY, because the caricature damn argly, can?


Most blogging services have comments systems which allow readers to leave comments. And some of the comments sections have taken a life of their own, and take up more space than the actual blog entry itself. For example, blogger ‘Finicky Feline‘ ( talked about her grouchy Sunday, and garnered thirty six comments. I expect even more comments on a later post, one about her wondering ‘how come 30+ year old men have mentalities of little kids’. I’m tempted to leave a comment there myself!

Read more here.

TODAY newspaper artist/cartoonist nair die before!

Paper Thin from the album “Slow Turning” by John Hiatt

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