Hooray for Bangladesh, and hooray for Dhaka Corner, for screening Cricket World Cup matches free for the thousands of Bangladeshi Foreign Talent working in Singapore. Otherwise it’s pay-per-view and that-is-the-sucks.

Much as I don’t like soccer, hooray also for Mediacorp for screening local soccer league matches. About bloody time, I say. Now it’s time to put inter-school rugby (and other school sport) back on the telly too. Only then will you see us fighting for medals other than SEA Games trinkets.

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180Px-D1121029The Upstairs Neighbour is very, very determined. To do what, I am not sure, unless his or her objective was to puzzle me with the piano playing.

I believe it is the first time someone has made the Beatles’ ‘She Loves You‘ sound very much like a Chinese Communist Party propaganda song. The entire repertoire of his or her recital now reads:

1. She Loves You – Beatles
2. Star Wars
Main ThemeJohn Williams

Idol LThat out of the way, the guilt of watching the first two episodes of American Idol was ameliorated somewhat by a couple of really really good auditions – the best being the brother and sister pair from Seattle, Shyamali and Sanjaya Malakar. They’ve got my vote!

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National pride

China A vs China B (Singapore)Because the remote control was too far away, Naomi and I found ourselves watching the semi-final of the women’s table-tennis competition at the Asian Games on Channel 5, played between Singapore and North Korea.

It made for pretty good viewing, and we became mindlessly engrossed in the first match until Naomi asked me, ‘who’s that yelling, and what’s she yelling?’.

I said I didn’t know what the player was yelling, and because I didn’t know what the yelling was, it had to be the North Korean player that was yelling.

Turned out it was the Singaporean player that was yelling something at every point she won, and I hadn’t recognised what she was yelling probably because the Singaporean player, Sun Beibei, like almost every teammate of hers, hails from the People’s Republic of China, and was probably yelling something that People’s Republic Chinese yell when they play table-tennis.

The Singaporeans defeated the North Koreans, who, with their dowdy haircuts, were the defending champions of this competition. The semi-final was exciting enough for us to tune in to tonight’s gold medal match against the People’s Republic of China. A match, which I’m sure more than a few have quipped to be ‘China A versus China B’.

China B lost, of course.

(OK, I have just been scolded for revealing the scores when Naomi’s still watching the match on tv).

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of China from the album “Little Earthquakes” by Tori Amos of which I have the original CD.

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America’s Next Top Project Model Runway

Mr Miyagi and JadeNaomi grabs my arm and goes, ‘Look behind you, it’s the girl from Project Runway!’


‘That one! The one with the glasses!’

‘Oh. America’s Next Top Model lah!’

‘Yah! That’s what I said! You want to go ask her for a photo? Quick! She’s leaving!’

And so Jade obliges graciously before being laughed at by her two companions who mimic me asking her for a photo.

I think we watch too much tv.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Everybody Plays the Fool from the album “Warm Your Heart” by Aaron Neville of which I have the original CD.

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