TODAY: When a company met angry blogger

TODAY: When a company met angry blogger

In the age of the Internet grapevine, know your stuff before tackling customer complaints on the Web

IT HAS been said, and quite often by bloggers, that businesses ignore blogs and online discussion forums at their peril. (Try a Google search with the term “businesses ignore blogs at their peril”, and you will see what I mean).

News sites abound with tales of companies which either ignore, or do not wake up to, the extent of customer dissatisfaction until it is too late. But what happens in the rare case at least in the local experience that a company actually responds to rumbles of consumer discontent online?

Judging by the reaction when one company did so last week, is it a case of “damned if you don’t, damned if you do”?

One apparently disgruntled customer of a company that provides protective wrapping for mobile phones, PDAs and other similar devices posted his complaint on a discussion forum. Now, what typically happens in an instance like this, is that other forum members might commiserate or disagree with a customer’s complaint, or share their own experiences. But what happened this time was that a representative of the company decided to respond to the allegations by emailing the original poster, with interesting results.
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TODAY: What’s your One Singapore Minute?

Take a picture to depict what S’pore means to you and upload it

THERE’S this thing in the online community called a “meme”, where a blogger starts a certain behaviour on his or her blog, and gets everyone else to imitate it.

The more common ones are the run of the mill “5 favourite movies”, or “5 favourite books” memes. Think of memes as the bloggers’ version of those infernal chain mails, where you’re asked to copy and re-send the mail to five of your friends so that you will receive good fortune.

That is, if you consider your friends’ angry replies a sign of good fortune.

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TODAY: Bloggers get a battering from mainstream media


IF you read the local newspapers over the weekend, you’d have seen many column inches devoted to blogs — how useless and inconsequential they are, and then how dangerous they are.

A few bloggers’ feathers were ruffled by one tabloid’s investigative piece titled “Blogheads or what?”, which drew a comparison of the contents of American and Singapore blogs.

Blogger “Sheylara” ( retorted, “you can’t help but sense the strong disparaging undertone just yelling out between the lines of this particular article … It is saying that Singaporean bloggers are second-rate compared to US bloggers”.

On top of that, there was the inimitable journalist Sumiko Tan weighing in on the Internet and blogs as well.

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