Sacked by NYT? Work for ST!

Even though I wouldn’t want my emails published, I still thought it was funny enough when Warren Fernandez’s email asking if anyone who’s been laid off by NYT would like to work as sub-editors at ST was published in Gawker:

From: Warren Fernandez Jude
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 18:50:15 +0800
Subject: Fw: and the misery continues…

Would you know anyone within the NYT who could help us put out the word that we would be happy to take on some copy-editors, which we are in dire need of.

Ideally, they would operate in our newsroom in Singapore, but we are open to the idea of some working in the US, as Paul Zach does.

Many thanks

Warren Fernandez
Deputy Editor
The Straits Times
Tel: 63195343/63195312
Fax: 63198274
email: warren (a t)

But what got me LOLROTF and then LOL standing up was one of the comments:

“On reflection, however, if this guy is ending sentences with ‘of’ then he isn’t kidding about needing copy editors.”

And then a response:

“You don’t even want to know what the punishment for a dangling participle is in Singapore. “

Sorry for spoiling your Sunday appetite

Sorry for spoiling your appetite
“Blueberry Hotcakes…PAGE28… …Mr Miyagi blogs in the toilet… PAGE 2”

Fluffy blueberry hotcakes together with fluffy story about how blogs are deadly in yesterday’s Sunday Times, where Xiaxue, Cowboy Caleb, Kenny Sia and myself were interviewed via email.

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A gift from who?

Tooth Fairy
Come on, if you don’t give me your tooth, I can’t give you your GST rebate

The Tooth Fairy is someone who takes the tooth that has fallen out (or has been extracted then given back to you by the dentist) and replaces it with cash money, right?

The Straits Times seems to think they give out toothbrushes:

KIDS in Singapore could soon be using what seems like a gift from the Tooth Fairy: a toothbrush that helps them swab the nooks and crannies of their mouths without much effort.

So it should be a gift to the Tooth Fairy, because she wouldn’t be giving out so much money if your teeth are so healthily kept they don’t fall out, right?

Wait, then again, it could be a gift from the Tooth Fairy, cos she doesn’t want to give out so much cash money, and so would want your teeth to be healthy, right?

So confusing. My teeth hurt.

$1b plant made using living cells?

Plant made of living cells?

I bought the papers this morning and saw on the front page that some pharmaceutical company was going to build a $1b “plant in Tuas using living cells”, and I thought, oh wow, and opened the paper in a hurry to read about the amazing biotechnological-construction-breakthrough thingie that would finally allow us to thumb our Singaporean noses at sand and granite bans.

So apparently the building’s not going to be made from or with the help of living cells. Dang. Would’ve been really something if it were. And it would’ve been almost as good as that headline in WW2: British push bottles up German rear“.

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