Please be careful of your fingers

Be careful of your fingers
Because they might tickle you or something…

This is arguably more effective a phrasing than ‘Beware of lift door’, or “Do Not Put Fingers Into Gap Between Lift Door and Lift Door Recess” because when you’re asked to ‘Be Careful of Your Fingers’, you are more likely to look at your fingers by holding your hands out in front of you where you can see your fingers, thereby making it less likely for them to wander, unbeknownst to you, into the gap between the lift door and the lift door recess, where they can get squashed and such.

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I understand any language, as long as it’s been translated

The Untranslated Bookshop
Untranslated Italian is what language ah?

The Untranslated Bookshop
What about German?

The Untranslated Bookshop
Hang on, that ain’t Italian. Thems are Cyrillic letters. No, wait, hang on, maybe they’ve been translated. No wait, hang on, that means they’re on the wrong shelf!

The Untranslated Bookshop
I give up! Let’s dump them all here.

The Untranslated Bookshop
No, wait, those ain’t literature. Let’s put them here.

Then again, bookshops here have sections called ‘Literature’.

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Our 11 mths old male Chihuahua was lost on 28/5/2006 at 81 East Coast Road between 12.30pm – 1.00pm.

We believe that someone had took him away as he doesn’t run out by himself. He is a blue and white long coat Chihuahua. Wearing a blue and yellow collar. he is not only a pet to us but also our family member, how you feel if you lost your family member? If you are the one who took him away, please return to us as we really miss him very much. Currently he is on medication. We assure you we won’t take any action against you, as long as you return him to us, we appreciate your kindness very much.

Anyone who found him & return him to us, reward of SGD 1000 will be given…


Happy Birthday Tabby. Wish your current owner loves you as we did.

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