Perhaps this film cannot cut it

Aren’t I a good-looking dude? I thought so. So go vote for Mr Miyagi!

Its been a while since I watched a movie, so I went and watched ‘Perhaps Love‘, a $10M musical starring Jackie Cheung, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Xun.

Let’s just say the film suffers from multiple personality disorder. No, actually, worse. Multiple personality disorder, and the multiple personalities lack personality.

Opening with a weak song and dance number that remained weak despite the montage narration, the film stayed saggy throughout – with the exception of Jackie Cheung’s ‘Phantom of the Circus’ vocal performance, which was unfortunately cringe-worthy.

Some more, Takeshi, for all his good looks, cannot sing! In fact, when he croaked his first note, the audience choked on their popcorn and sng muay.

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I’m the next Zhang Ziyi. So go vote for Mr Miyagi…

Vote for Mr Miyagi…

Vote for Mr Miyagi…

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