Congratulations Singapore Dreaming

To my knowledge as well, the first time someone from these shores has won a screenwriters’ award.

Montblanc New Screenwriters’ Award leh. Win pen or something right? And 15,000 euros.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Congratulations from the album “Vol. 1” by Traveling Wilburys of which I have the original CD.

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Singapore Idle & Da Vinci Code

I'm not a diva, I'm just short
Jiakturkwa Abishgenaden is not a diva

You have a reason to watch television, and that’s Singapore Idle. Watch as the eventual winner of the 2006 edition gets a contract as a poster boy for a convenience store, together with a sponsored single titled ‘My Love Is An Endless Big Gulp (If You’ll Swallow)’.

You have a reason to watch the Da Vinci Code movie, because of the hue and cry raised by Christians who believe that the film sullies their faith, or something.

Hasta la vista, baby Jesus

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The Da Vinci Trail: HMS Dreadnought

Da Vinci CodeNow that it’s three weeks out from the release of the movie, the buzz surrounding the Code has been understandably high. (I don’t care – I’m adding to it). I read today that some English judge recently inserted his own secret code (I don’t care if that doesn’t sound right) into one of his judgements, leaving the legal community in London in a frenzy, trying to decode it, for fun.

Apparently, Justice Peter Smith used the dunnowhat Fettucine sequence to put letters in italics throughout the 71-page judgement. For fun.

The case, is of course, connected to the Da Vinci code – Justice Smith ruled that Dan Brown did not plagiarise someone else’s work. The code was discovered only last week, a month after the judgement was handed down. And the lawyer that discovered the embedded code cracked it after a day. So crevver.

And the secret code?

“Jackie Smith, who are you? Dreadnought”

WTF? But read the article, and you’ll learn that the HMS Dreadnought is a giant battleship dreamt up by Royal Navy Admiral Jackie Smith. And that it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the Da Vinci Code.

But nair mind. Much as I dislike code-cracking and other sorts of activity that require brain-power, I really like the locations featured in the filem, and I’ve been very fortunate to have Nadya Hutagalung go to all these places and take nice pictures for youse all.

Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)
Nadya at the Lincoln Cathedral

Surf stop: Flickr Set of The Da Vinci Trail

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The Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral

If you’ve read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, you’d have realised that the Lincoln Cathedral is not featured anywhere in the book. (So people tell me, because I haven’t read the book).

It is apparently, however, featured in the movie. But not to worry, you worry-wart Da Vinci Code fans, the Lincoln Cathedral was simply used as a substitute for Westminster Abbey, because, as Mr Miyagi’s intrepid operatives inform him, the production wasn’t allowed to shoot at the real thing, presumably for security reasons – you don’t want terrorists making a documentary or a feature, you know?

But good job, location scouts! The Lincoln Cathedral does look a bit like Westminster, only it’s way up in the north-east of England.

Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)

Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)Da Vinci Trail: Lincoln Cathedral (Westminster Abbey)
Lincoln Cathedral

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