Our hearts are not in it

Chinese New Year being so close to Valentines Day is a double whammy. The relatives will be at it, the well-meaning friends will be at it. The perpetually single and desperate will be at it. The Vietnamese/Kalimantanese bride agencies will be at it. Some among us singulars will be feeling mighty lonely, and for some of us, denial sets in hard and fast.

So far, I’ve only read women who’ve voiced anxiety about the next fortnight. The boyz? Boh Chup!

From IdleThink:

but Cupid can eat my shorts.

(I mean, he already ate his own).

From LMD:

My friends are at it again. I have to give them credit for persistence.

From Panicky Pussy:

…Jesus Christ, can’t a girl have any peace?!

After work, I just want to go home and relax. I don’t want to go out, I don’t want to make conversation while I’m working, I don’t want you to SMS me to have sweet dreams and I sure as hell don’t want you to whisper sweet nothings into my ear over the phone…

…Vday is coming up dammit.

From Ma vie en direct:

…Anyway, mom just pulled that on me again when she asked if I was tired from getting home so late tonight. Stupidly, I said that I did feel a smidge worn, and she retorted that I needed to get married. If I got married then I wouldn’t be so tired…

From ppBlogz:

…I’ve always envied mums with lots of kids to take care of (with a little help from the maids, of coz) but geeze housewives have alot of problems too! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence hehehe.

It’s good to be single and freeeeeee…. for now.

Straits Termite Co. Pte Ltd
Wanna buy termites? I have lobang!

Surf stop: Surf stop? Surf stop? Give you five chick blogs you still want Surf stop? Wah lao eh!

Run left, run right on manic Monday

As Mr Brown said the other day, it’s a good time to be a blogger. Even better to be a blogger who runs out of things to write but gets inspired by what other bloggers are doing. Today, Cheeky does a pretty good job of adapting Jimmy’s Liao’s Turn Left Turn Right (neh, the one made into a movie starring Gigi Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro, and produced by Raintree, thereby destroying it’s chances of being a decent movie, neh, that one?):

Like 2 MRT trains running on parallel tracks,
They ran past each other countless of time but never once langga.
He always turned left,
Because the dustbin was on the left.
She always turned right,
Because the toilet was on the right.
Taking escalator at the same time,
He always went up (can see upskirt),
She always went down (ZARA and MANGO located on the ground floor).
Taking the bus at the same time,
One always boarded the bus,
While the other always alighted from the bus (EZ Link no money left).

When I say inspired, I mean inspired enough to cut and paste and attribute it to the author, not inspired enough to come up with sumfin to call me own. And if you’ve got lotsa other stuff you ought to be doing, blogging or reading other people’s blogs seldom helps.

So, prease, chewren, faster finish your homework then come back and read. The blog and it’s archives will stew be here. Don’t tell your lecturer your assignment is overdue because Mr Miyagi make you read his blog. Your marder farder cancel your ingterneck then you know.

In other matters, only (good) bloggers can make touch footy sound like an extreme sport. For goonisssakes, fellas, we wuz running in slow motion! Well, at least, I was!

The other casualty of yesterday’s Rumble in the Puddle was a previously pristine white tank-top stained pink/purple by hair-dye that ran. Well, gurl, at least your hair colour ran more than you did! Whassat you say? Brings it on? Come lah! WHO SCARED WHO?

(Today’s Sports Section is brought to you by “Concerned Spectators’ Fund for a Sports Bra for LMD“)

Mr Miyagi in his heyday

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: 12th Man Again! (Continued) – The 12th Man – 12th Man Again!, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

Working things out

Having one of those up and down weekends is good for the soul. Keeps the blood pumping too. Makes you feel alive. And all that.

A two-day anger festival (family matters) came to a head earlier, and I am glad that order has been restored, and all parties involved have been put in their places, and I am always right.

So, anyhoo, me and the boys and some girls went and played touch footy again. This time, it wasn’t sunny. In fact, it rained buckets. But still we had loadsa fun, and a good workout to boot. Just ask LMD. If she’s able to blog about it in the next few days.

I seldom dole out advice, but there are exceptions. Like when I’m feeling self-conscious enough (because a fair number of people read this blog now… so scared…).

Today I want to tell all of youse not to let matters fester until it needs to be released in a manner that threatens the whatsit and whatnot of your family’s all that. And if ever you find yourself so bogged down by the weight of the said festering matters, go get a group of your best mates and have a game of touch footy in the rain.

There is nothing you cannot resolve. If you can’t do it on your own, you have your mates. But always remember, if there’s a wee, there’s a way (via Daryl Sng).

Table debris, 29th Jan 2005

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Hain’t It Funny – k.d. lang – Drag, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

Too much coffee and sugary drinks so cannot blog properly

I’ve just had one of those rare days where I completely lost my temper.

How did I lose my temper? I got angry in the morning, then simmered all afternoon while consuming four shots of espresso and one funky purple/pink drink, deliberated over how I would display my anger, and then went and displayed my anger.

I think there’s a market for my kind of anger management.

But you can’t stay angry for too long (like say, more than a day) when you come home, go online, and find things like this:

Via YJ:

Luke, eaaaaat meeeeeee!

And you know when a blogger has gone off the boil when he, like me, starts taking pittures of his coffee cups:

red gunk
He Starbucks, I Spinelli!

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair – Nina Simone – Verve Jazz Masters 17, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

Snippets from high-flying lives

I spent this evening at the poolside (the pool of which has ‘underwater music’) of the swanky serviced apartment complex called ‘Orchard Parksuites’ because a high-flyer uni-mate was back in town for work and for to meet up with some of her treetop-skimming uni-mates.

It is a reflex assumption that money is no matter to these high-flying, high-living uni-mates. But of course, that is not true. They have money issues too, just that the decimal point is usually further to the right of the figures we throw about. But still, I have not felt so comparatively poor in a while.

Then they spoke about mothers-in-law, and how horrible they were. Then they spoke of how marriages between some of our uni-mates had ended before they actually began. Then they spoke about children, and babies, and how it was read somewhere that you can lactate even if you’re not a mother or an expectant mother.

And I’m sitting here wondering if they still wonder why I’m always the one contributing totally incongruent conversation topics.

Gotta add some swank to my income

Surf stop: Men of Clay
iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Oh, what a beautiful mornin’ – 1998 London Cast Recording – Oklahoma!, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.