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This blog is moving to its own server at miyagi.sg. Please, please, please, please, please, please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. Oh, and RSS feed for comments is also available. So cool, hor?

Because I still support Blogger and how it got me started so easily, all entries before this post will remain here, though, but comments will be closed from now. (OK, yah lah, I can’t be bothered to migrate everything over lah. I got a day job, ungderstang? Where got time?)

At the new place, which is WordPress powered, you’ll find categories like Ingterneck, Navel Gazing and Food & Beverage, and there’s a nifty calendar thing as well as an assortment of things that will screw up my template.

You’ll find duplicate posts there from July to date, because I wanted to populate the site to see what it looked like, and now I can’t be arsed to remove them.

The other blogs I collaborate on will still be on Blogger:

See you over at the new place!

This is what it looks like

iTunes Party Shuffle is playing a copy of How Can You Keep Moving from the album “Into the Purple Valley” by Ry Cooder

A very engaging week ahead

For starters, there’s the humongonimous class at 6pm at Bishan Sports Hall on Saturday which NEEDS MORE VOLUNTEERS! Thank you again, Threez!

If you like working with kids, and you should, you might want to come down at 5.45pm Saturday and let me tell you what’s required of you. From 6 – 7pm, you’ll enjoy one of the most fulfilling hours of your week, working with special needs kids as they’re put through their paces by our head coaches.

Email me here, and I’ll put your names down for the hour.

Thank you.

Then, if you don’t already know, there’s the Singapore Writers’ Festival, which showcases some non-Singapore writers, and Xiaxue, mrbrown and myself.

The three of us have been engaged to conduct a talk and workshop about ‘How to create and maintain blogs‘ on Saturday, 3rd of September, at the National Library Black Box on the 5th floor, then we’re off to Rouge for some networking night, and then we’ll be conducting another talk about ‘Creating online communities through blogging’ with Cory Doctorow! Cory Doctorow leh!

Earlier this evening however, I was informed by Linda Chia that our first talk and workshop has been sold out! Free one also can sold out leh!

Special Olympics

Special Olympics

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Help needed!

Above & Beyond
This is the kind of news I like to make!

Thank you Threez for the article in today’s Straits Times’ ‘Mind Your Body’ section. The phones have been ringing off the hook, and we’ve been taking names for our special needs gymnastics class on Saturday.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to be a coach’s assistant on Saturday at 6pm, please come to Bishan Sports Hall.

But oh wait, emu me first: bsylee@gmail.com

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