Ang Ku Kueh

ang ku

Because we need to buy these to give away, I twittered the universe and asked where I could get good ones. The answers are still coming in, and I thought I maiswell share them with you here:

  • Ji Xiang, Everton Park
  • Bengawan Solo
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Ng Kim Lee (Chun Tin Road)
  • 2nd level, Tiong Bahru Market (next to prawn mee stall)
  • Borobodur, Bedok (near Chai Chee side)
  • Molly’s (
  • Poh Cheu, Alexandra Village
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    9 thoughts on “Ang Ku Kueh”

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    2. oh. i saw this stop at Blk 18 Toh Yi Drive that sells Ang Ku Kueh. The shop's name is Flour Garden Confectionery.

      The thing that captures the eyes of passer by like us is the “wall of photos” of local celebrities that order from them. LOL.

      I have only eaten it once, and that was quite some time ago and have totally forgotten how it taste.

      You can go try out the various stalls and let us know which place has the best AKK! Then report here again :-p

    3. Do you know that there are “boy” and “girl” ang ku kuehs?! I sure didn't … was wondering why the staff asked “boy or girl?” Turns out if you have a baby boy, she'll have to give you the domed shaped ones, and if you had a baby girl, the flat circular ones!

    4. There's one shop in hougang ave 3 blk 6 or 7 that sells good nonya kueh. tried their peanut and coffee ang ku kuehs and loved it! definitely a must try!

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