Happiness is not meant to be contained

Happiness is not to be contained

Try to suppress a smile and you’ll get a screwed up face like the ones my brother and I are displaying. Try to suppress laughter and you’ll risk busting a gut.

There is no such thing as being overjoyed or being overwhelmed with happiness. So often we forget we can never have too much joy or happiness.

Thank you brother and new sister-in-law for reminding us in celebration. We hope to reciprocate with as many blessings as you’ve given us in getting married today.



Steeples Deli The Price is Steeples

Steeples Deli calls itself “the 1st deli in Singapore”, and says it was opened in 1981. Before that, we only ever had sandwiches at home. Nobody sold or made sandwiches in shops. No-one. Ever. It was dark days. Mothers complained and said things like “I wish you could buy a sandwich outside, because I’m so sick of making them. Sick! You hear me? Sick!”

Tucked away in a corner of Tanglin Shopping Centre Not To Be Confused With Tanglin Mall, the seating in Steeples consists of stools in front of a counter where your sandwiches and other light meals are plonked before you after, as according to the sign, you have ordered and paid for them “before sitting down”.

Steeples DeliI’m assuming they do a brisk trade at lunch and is very quiet in the afternoons, like at 4pm when we got there to grab a coffee (which was very good, by the way) and something to eat. They were out of pastrami so my first order of a Reuben sandwich and my second order of pastrami sandwich were both rebuffed and we had to settle for a club sandwich ($9) instead.

Steeples DeliIt wasn’t half bad, because the sandwich fillings were freshly made – the vegetables chopped, the egg fried and the bacon crisped, all in front of us while we waited after we had paid for our meal.

We didn’t test to see if an alarm would go off if we sat down before we paid , the sign being so fierce and in all caps. But the nice lady at the cashier’s did tell us that she’d been very kind to charge us only $4 for a double espresso when she could have charged us $6, $3 being the price of a single espresso. So, yeah, so thankful.

Steeples Deli
19 Tanglin Road
#02-24/25 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Singapore 247909 (map)

What? People steal cars here?

Read the manual: The “Sport” in Sport Utility Vehicle does not include “Swimming” - Photo by prakope
Read the manual: The “Sport” in Sport Utility Vehicle does not include “Swimming” - Photo by prakope

I had the impression that car thefts were so uncommon in Singapore that people hardly ever bother to install car alarms and other anti-theft systems.

But the scintillating New Paper reports that there’s been a spate of SUV thefts – 12 in 2 weeks!

The cars are all in Johor or further up north by now. They love SUVs up there cos petrol is heavily subsidised and they fuck-care about the environment.

So, you’ve been warned. Don’t be complacent. Lock your car and all that.