Missile tests?

Reader ‘Benny’ left a comment on the previous post, saying,

“Hi, have you heard anything about a missile defense test today? This morning (~9:45) I heard a roar and watched four jet clouds (contrails) fly over NTU headed southeast. Three were in parallel and a smaller one was in between two of them. Eventually the fourth one caught up and smoke from all four disappeared. There’s also been a lot of fighter aircraft activity up here and they usually do that on overcast days instead of clear days like today. A missile defense test is a big deal isn’t it? ie when the N. Koreans do it everyone freaks out etc.

Just curious if you know where I can ask around to see if anyone else knows anything. I sent email to channel news asia but I really didn’t expect a response”

StompedSo I looked at the CNA website and the only SAF related news I saw was headlined, SAF returns from providing dental care in Afghanistan“, so I don’t think that was it, unless they were celebrating their return in a big way. Mindef’s website didn’t say anything about a possible missile test either, and because I’m low in rank in NS, I am not privy to such information anyway. Stomp, “Singapore’s only citizen journalism portalism”, turned up news of people who ought to be missile tested on, and also not much else.
So, ‘Benny’, maybe wait a day or two, and if they were really missile tests, and if they were successful missile tests, you might hear about them from these same sources.

But… if anyone’s seen and heard anything and would like to enlighten ‘Benny’ earlier, please feel free to do so here.

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Worm hole

This evening I was summoned to the guest bathroom by Naomi, and when I got there, she said, “I said, bring the camera”, so I said, “oh”, and went to look for the camera and went back to the guest bathroom, and only then did it occur to me to ask, “why you want camera for?”

Naomi pointed at a bathroom tile, and it was a good thing I saw the thing before I formed the thought that maybe she had wanted me to take a picture of the tile so we can go to a tile shop and compare tile designs because we do that kind of thing very often you know?

The ‘thing’ was something that was wriggling partially out of a 1cm long cocoon-like thing, so it was definitely some kind of worm or larvae, but we weren’t sure if the cocoon-like thing was part of it or whether it had picked the scrap up from the rotted wood at the base of the bathroom door (yes, we live in quite an old place). So, we did what Naomi thought best to do – observe it and flimm it with the camera.

So we flimmed it wriggling out of one opening on one end of the cocoon-like thing, then it went back inside and wriggled a little out of the other end. It looked a bit indecisive like that, but then, it’s a worm or a larvae so you can excuse it for being in two minds even though you can’t really say they have minds.

It eventually wriggled its way to a cranny in the door frame and it looked like it had abandoned it’s armour and wriggled off. So I picked up the cocoon-like thing for us to examine it a little closer, only for the worm/larvae to pop out one end again, causing Naomi to scream and scare the bejeezus out of me, causing me to drop the cocoon-like thing and its occupant onto the bathroom shelf, where it wriggled long enough for us to flimm it some more.

The thing

But all thoughts of taking a closer look and finding out exactly what the worm/larvae and its cocoon-like cocoon were washed down, literally, when worm/larvae, cocoon and all tumbled down the sink, when the pilot worm/larvae wriggled off the shelf.

Because of that D’oh! moment, we’re wondering if any of you can tell us what the hell the thing and its cocoon are. Or was.

Last moments of the thing

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881 and 42nd National Day

881Finalposter800Royston Tan is a bastard – make me cry on National Day! But congratulations Mindee and Yann Yann – Papaya Sisters rock!

I’ve said before that if we get one good local movie a year, we’d be lucky. Last year we had Colin and Yen Yen’s Singapore Dreaming and then Tan Pin Pin’s Singapore Gaga, so that was pretty much a bumper crop by our standards.

Last night, we paid good money to watch our first Royston Tan film, 881, and damn it was good money well spent. This film alone makes for a bumper year.

I’ll have to admit an earlier aversion to his debut, ’15’, even though my friends told me it was really not a bad piece despite its run-in with the censors (‘aiyah, rebel film wannabe’, I thought), and we thought we’d watch 881 because the subject was interesting enough (hungry ghost getai), we knew the actors personally, and we’d already watched Harry Potter V and Simpsons wasn’t playing at the hour we wanted to watch a movie.

It turned out to be a happy conspiracy of factors, because, dammit, if you have no other plans this weekend, go buy tickets now and watch already. And even if you had plans, cancel them and go buy tickets and watch already.

It blew us away, this bloody Royston Tan film, and that’s really ’nuff said, unless you take pleasure in knowing that the token Mediacorp-contracted actor has no lines in the film because his character’s a mute, and his voiceovers are done by Royston himself anyway.

What’s not to like about a film which if you were to summarize in a summary sort of thingie, you’d call it a ‘Hokkien Musical Which Is Something Like Moulin Rouge‘?

Don’t wait for 881 to make its rounds on the European festival circuit. Go watch now, and tell the Ang Mohs you watched it at your local cinema first.

One half each – title track music video from 881

Mindee Ong and Miyagi circa 2000: Lookee you now, Mindee, we is so proud of you! Naomi says, basket, make her cry on National Day! Well done!

So taken by Royston’s film we were that I’m writing this blog post back to front, because we had planned to make an evening out of National Day – going out to eat, skipping the parade because we’d already seen two rehearsals, and then catching the movie before heading home and to bed.

OK, where was I? Ah, yes, we started the afternoon out at Tanglin Mall, because a good coffee was needed to kick-start our day, and there still isn’t anywhere else (or anywhere convenient) that serves as good a coffee as Caffe Beviamo. Just check out the crema:

Crema e gusto!

Then we looked around at the new furniture/lifestyle/dunnowhat shop that had been making us curious because it’s predecessor ‘Barang Barang’ had several months ago suddenly closed shop at both Tanglin Mall and Great World City, boarded up, and all we could hear were sounds of renovation. Called ‘iwannagohome‘, this shop is tons brighter than Barang Barang because of the huge number of lights they use. It’s worth a look or two before you decide, hmmm, I don’t have so much spare cash to buy these things which I can probably find in Thailand or Indonesia if I had the time and spare cash to fly there to buy.

Sometimes, warped shoppers’ logic can save you a bit of money.

Then it was off to the Straits Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt for dinner, which we thought was pretty apt because it’s a buffet, and how much more Singaporean can you get at a buffet? Actually, you can, when you realise the price is not bad either – $42 per person, to commemorate the 42nd National Day. This is also where I get to say that for that price, it’s really really worth it when you can eat as many bowls of the “Mini Buddha Jump Over The Walls soups as you can manage:

IMG 1089
Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall – or is it Buddha Jump Over the Mini Wall?

A meal like that was always going to make on feel downright patriotic, wherever you may hail from. A jumble of cuisines, fresh fruit and desserts, brisk service. The only thing that was lacking was the horrible, horrible choice of music. We know it’s called the Straits Kitchen and you’re trying to recreate a ‘Straits’ ambience. But Canto and Mando pop tunes, and maudlin Malay slow rock ballads do not make for a good digestive accompaniment. That was probably the only salah thing about dinner, though.

IMG 1132
Quick, dude, they’re not looking. Pour the rest on the floor!

IMG 1097
When I eat chili crab, I need two finger bowls because I’m messy like that

For the rest of National Day, I hear people enjoyed themselves, and we saw a couple dressed in red and white waiting for a cab to probably take them to the floating platform. So patriotic, so Singaporean, we thought. Then we saw another couple, also in red and white, and walking ahead of the other couple so that they’ll get a cab faster. More Singaporean, we thought. And no better day to display that.

National Day
Unbeknownst to Auntie and Uncle, another Auntie and Uncle have just walked 20m up the road to snatch a passing cab. Majulah Singapura!

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What if Singapore were a person? Part Three

Good time to think about it, buy cialis you know? Since National Day’s around the corner, and it’d be a bit, I dunno, funny if you thought about it any other time of the year?

How would you see Singapore personified? YouTube it and tag it ‘SingaporePersonified‘ (one word). Doesn’t matter if National Day’s over by the time you do it. It’s like 12 days of Christmas, or 15 days of Chinese New Year. Alternatively, if you don’t have as much of an itchy backside like me and can’t be bothered with a video or a podcast, then just pen down your thoughts. Or write a Haiku on the topic.

Starring Chua Enlai:

Watch Parts One and Two

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What if Singapore were a person? Part Two

Good time to think about it, you know? Since National Day’s around the corner, and it’d be a bit, I dunno, funny if you thought about it any other time of the year?
How would you see Singapore personified? YouTube it and tag it ‘SingaporePersonified‘ (one word). Doesn’t matter if National Day’s over by the time you do it. It’s like 12 days of Christmas, or 15 days of Chinese New Year. Alternatively, if you don’t have as much of an itchy backside like me and can’t be bothered with a video or a podcast, then just pen down your thoughts – like what Bored Slacker has done (and who thinks Singapore is a middle class, risk averse male).

Starring Beatrice Chia and Jake the Cat:

Update: Watch Parts One and Three too!

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