Answers to life’s pressing questions

Married life: First you walk down the aisle, then you keep walking down aisles
Answer me: Why don’t they stock up on Dr Pepper in the supermarkets?

I believe I’m of the age-group that straddles the digital divide – half my age group are computer-illiterate, while the other half seems to have a PDA stuck in their back-pockets at all times, and they don’t even have to take it out of there because there’s bluetooth and all that. So they tell me. I think they just like the feel of something digital down there.

The point I think I’m trying to make here is that we’re so used to asking the ingterneck for answers to every little mundane detail, that we’re completely stumped when we don’t have high speed brogbang ingterneck, and we’re really taking knowledge for granted, just like how some people say learning how to spell is redundant because nowadays, even your phone got speow check.

Like how my father sometimes wants to look up more information about other minor side effects of Parkinson’s medication, only he can’t, because he hasn’t taken enough of a dosage to be able to operate the keyboard without frustrating himself. Still, he has this thing called ‘Speed dialling your son to get answers’.

I know of someone so used to Googling things, that when he doesn’t quite understand what you’re saying, instead of asking you to rephrase or elaborate, he says, ‘what does that mean? google it google it google it!’

So anyway, I’m barely hanging in there trying to catch up with the ingterneck, and I’m beginning to see myself slipping behind as chatter about something called “Web 2.0” seems to get louder and louder until I cannot ignore it any more and have to Google it!

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