The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Four


I suppose when you’re a Sea-Monkey, it doesn’t really matter whether you keep swimming upside down, with your legs above your body, when other species of shrimp don’t.

Then again, you’ve got three eyes.

And it’s a little disturbing to see excrement tails so long.


The Amazing ‘Live’ Sea-Monkeys:

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Vale, Wayne Thunder

I’ve just been informed that Wayne Thunder, drummer of The Suns, passed away last night. I met Wayne together with mr brown when we recorded an ‘interview’ on the mrbrown show last January at his parents’ home.

Wayne and his bandmates were infectious with their passion about their craft and about promoting local music, and will be dearly missed.

His funeral service is at 8pm tonight at St Joseph’s Bukit Timah.

Rock on.

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Little Slope, Big Slope and Boogie Street

Back alley, Bugis Junction = by ☆ lcy

From Wikipedia:

The fame of the original Bugis Street has spawned many namesakes eager to capitalise on the brand, even though many tourists, as well as some young Singaporeans, have no inkling as to the reasons for its erstwhile ‘glamour’.

Yes, if not for the page on Wikipedia I’d have thought that the history of Bugis Street had something to do with cross-dressing warrior tribes from South Sulawesi.

What really piqued my interest was not actually the seedy side of Bugis Street as described on that page, but rather the references to “Xiao Po” (小坡; little slope), referring to a section of downtown Singapore. I had been wondering if anyone else remembered references to “Ta Po” (Big Slope) and “Xiao Po” (Little Slope), which basically formed the two sections of the city.

If I’m not wrong, “Ta Po” referred to the area west of the Singapore River, and “Xiao Po” referred to the area east of it. This division was apparently made by the Chinese population before the 1950s. Although I’m not that old, I remember my grandmother asking the rickshaw driver to take us to somewhere in “Ta Po” for me to get my bowl haircut.

Does anyone else remember this and hopefully has a more detailed explanation of why this was so?

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The Sea-Monkey Diaries, Part Three

Day 5

No, we’re not bored with our new pets yet! No, they’re not glorified dried larvae. They’re alive and they’re feeding on the tiny spoonful of gunk we scraped out of sachet 3. Just as well we got to watch them feed and defecate (yup, they shit), because it was a depressing American Idol day, when our favourite Idol contestant of all time was not voted into the finals.

For the benefit of those who need to see moving pictures before they believe that Sea-Monkeys are real animals:

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