180Px-D1121029The Upstairs Neighbour is very, very determined. To do what, I am not sure, unless his or her objective was to puzzle me with the piano playing.

I believe it is the first time someone has made the Beatles’ ‘She Loves You‘ sound very much like a Chinese Communist Party propaganda song. The entire repertoire of his or her recital now reads:

1. She Loves You – Beatles
2. Star Wars
Main ThemeJohn Williams

Idol LThat out of the way, the guilt of watching the first two episodes of American Idol was ameliorated somewhat by a couple of really really good auditions – the best being the brother and sister pair from Seattle, Shyamali and Sanjaya Malakar. They’ve got my vote!

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Patience, young Jedi

New Year'sI’m not blogging as often as I’d like to be, mostly because days have turned into nights and vice-versa because of work, which is quite fun in spite of the frequent brain-jams I’ve been getting for various reasons.

One of the said brain-jamming moments is when I’m sitting here on my computer, trying to type out another three pages of Hossan’s Barry Manilow spoof when I’m suddenly aware of the upstairs neighbour’s kid (or actually it could be the parent, or any human occupant of the upstairs flat, or a very intelligent pet, or… ok I’m scaring myself) trying his or her darndest to hammer out on their piano, the main Star Wars theme song, very, very diligently, very, very slowly. For an hour.

Now I’ve the Star Wars theme stuck in my head, and worse, it’s in the broken piano format.

I should be glad they’re not singing along to it though:

“I like to play the Star Wars, to play the Star Wars, on this piano!
At night, I play the Star Wars, I play the Star Wars, song for a while!
I may not be the best pianist you’ve heard in your entire life,
But you can be sure, I’ll play for you for free!
You may not be the greatest fan of this stupid movie theme
But sing along, and then you can’t stop too…”

– repeat ad nauseum to the tune of Star Wars

Think I might print this out and slip it under their door.

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