It was just ok

What do you mean it was just ok?

I’ve been getting a horrible crick in the neck that has been bothering me, so I’ve spent a little bit on Chinese physiotherapy. But you gotta love this signboard for a similar establishment that just begs the conversation:

How was your massage?
It was ok.
What do you mean it was ok?
It was ok.
Just ok?
It was ok.

OK Foot Reflexology. Not to be confused with Really Good Foot Reflexology or even the one down the alley, Fair to Middling Foot Reflexology.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of I’ll Be Okay from the album “My Best Friend’s Wedding [Original Soundtrack]” by Amanda Marshall of which I have the original CD.

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Congratulations Singapore Dreaming

To my knowledge as well, the first time someone from these shores has won a screenwriters’ award.

Montblanc New Screenwriters’ Award leh. Win pen or something right? And 15,000 euros.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Congratulations from the album “Vol. 1” by Traveling Wilburys of which I have the original CD.

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I read the news today oh boy

I’m trying to get into the habit of buying newspapers to read. And it is a difficult habit to form, given that I’m so used to reading news online.

I thought it’d be refreshing, the smell of ink, and the tactile dunnowhat and all that. But I didn’t count on the added bonus of the different news angles, and the newspapers’ different agendas.

Such as still trying to promote the free online (as opposed to the paid online) section of the Straits Times, known as Stomp.

“You’re the reporter!”, yells the five coloured fancy font headline accompanying this Sunday’s citizen journalist scoop, which comprised a series of photos depicting policemen leading a jewelry shop robber out of the jewelry shop where he’d just committed the crime.

I read the news today oh boy

Just makes you want to shout – “And we’re the newspaper getting all these pictures for free because we’re empowering you as citizen journalists! No we’re not giving you free subscriptions, but there’s a chance of winning a car! Some time! Soon! When we decide to have another giveaway!”

But you really don’t want to be “the reporter” or “the journalist”, because I hear some of the “real journalists” eat their own kind. They say so themselves:

I read the news today oh boy
And she looks like she means it

But what really disturbed me was the sheer number of bad happenings in Malaysia. I know there was some sort of kerfuffle over what MM Lee Kuan Yew said, though I don’t know exactly what it was that irked the Malaysians so, because, hey, I just started reading the newspapers, as I was saying.

But the Straits Times, thank goodness for the Straits Times, else I would’ve packed everything and driven up north in hope of a better life. Now I know better. Malaysia sucks:

I read the news today oh boy
Measures have been taken to promote pretty ones

I read the news today oh boy
In our country, price caps are a good thing, and never used as a threat

Soaring prices! Ugly divorces! Soaring prices of ugly divorces!

And if you think the issues are not linked to some systemic dysfunction of Malaysia as a whole:

Malaysia's gone to shits?
Are we really consuming so much sugar?

Malaysia's gone to shits?
Hell, yeah!

Malaysia's gone to shits?
OK, Not linked. They drink it black. And we know there’s no sign of the cult’s revival because sales of giant teabags have dwindled

Pity no one reads the Straits Times in Malaysia. Because if they did, they’d know that Singapore and her people are all ready to lend a helping, guiding hand to lead them out of the Dark Ages:

I read the news today oh boy
…for a fee

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of A Day in the Life from the album “1967-1970 Disc 1” by The Beatles of which I have the original CD.

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Get out there

Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore
Time by Department of Redundancy Department

Botanic Gardens
No biggie, it’s only the finest Botanic Gardens in the world

If it rains all morning (ok, from late morning, because I wasn’t awake in the morning so I wouldn’t know if it rained or not), and slows down to a drizzle in the afternoon so that it’s cool, go out.

Go out and take a walk, and if you live near enough a park, you’re in luck. If you’re lucky enough, like us, to live near the Botanic Gardens, even better.

It’s beautiful out when it drizzles, and there’s the bonus of greeting dogs who are being taken out for walks too.

Get up to speed and work yourself into a brisk trot, which is as fast as you should go if you haven’t exercised in nearly a year. When you start to perspire, you’re doing good.

Then get into the Botanic Gardens, get tired, try to walk a bit more, then take a cab home even though you don’t have enough money, and need to get the cabbie to wait downstairs while you go up to get $6 for him because it’s some peak hour surcharge or something.

Botanic Gardens

Halia, Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Orchids Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens
Congrats Sheldon and Sue-Lynn.
It’s supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day

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