We can rebuild them, we have the technology

WTF? Loose what?!
Loose what, didja say?

Sometimes, placing Adsense ads on your website can be quite funny as it uses keywords on your blog to display ‘relevant’ advertising. But in no post do I remember writing anything about anyone having or being a loose vagina.

Also, LVR must stand for Loose Vagina Reconstruction? Yes? No? Any cosmetic surgeons want to elucidate or correct?

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Singapore to be regional hub for governments in exile?

Via Cowboy Caleb, who is, no doubt excited about being in Thailand at this moment, there’s apparently a rumour that the Prime Minister is considering setting up a satellite government in exile in Singapore to lobby the UN to back them as the legitimate government.

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Please be careful of your fingers

Be careful of your fingers
Because they might tickle you or something…

This is arguably more effective a phrasing than ‘Beware of lift door’, or “Do Not Put Fingers Into Gap Between Lift Door and Lift Door Recess” because when you’re asked to ‘Be Careful of Your Fingers’, you are more likely to look at your fingers by holding your hands out in front of you where you can see your fingers, thereby making it less likely for them to wander, unbeknownst to you, into the gap between the lift door and the lift door recess, where they can get squashed and such.

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