As regards TODAY

Walking away from a job is never easy and this has been a struggle of a decision.

There is a divide between the online and the offline which we both felt my column would continue to bridge but following the events of last week and many many long discussions between brown and myself, today I told TODAY that I quit.

The TODAY money is nice and secure but we’ve since gotten a few very interesting projects and great sponsors that will keep both of us very busy.

Don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning the offline world. After all, those sponsored TV cameras we got aren’t paperweights.

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Podcast: I am Singaporean by Stan & Ryan

Our friends, drugs Stan and Ryan, tadalafil also did an “I am Singaporean” podcast. It is in Cantonese dialect. The transcribed English text is here.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 7 July 2006: I am Singaporean by Stan and Ryan (MP3, order File size: 2.9mb, Time: 00:02:04)


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