Dog tired

Road trip

We’ve just gotten into our motel, and we’re really tired.

24 hours of flying and driving is no joke, and the internet wireless connection at this motel is so wonky we’re all sitting in the corridor, on the floor, hooked up to the rest of the world from here.

Plus, the mrbrownshow and sites are down because of my hosting provider’s technical problems, so I don’t even know when this post will be up.

Just keeping fingers crossed, and I think it’s gonna be an early night tonight.

Oh shit. The motel’s next to a train track.

Podcast: the mrbrown show 18 July 2006: road trip


Damn cool can?

Fast forwarding the movie
Force of habit. It’s not a wireless remote but you’ll see quite a few people pointing it at the screen

On SIA flights with the video thingie, you can stop and start and fast forward your movies. Which is good when you watch something until 5 minutes to the end of the movie and the damn inflight entertainment gets turned off for something as frivolous as landing at our transit destination.

Now that we’re back on the plane, we’re blogging (live courtesy of Connexion by Boeing) and playing videos and disturbing the stewardesses and mrbrown says don’t tell cock and bull story lah. So I will go away now so that he can check his email.

Flight delayed “due to technical requirements”

Flight delay face
Flight delay face

“Due to technical requirements”?

“Eh, Joe, you got put the wings back on the plane or not? It’s a technical requirement you know? Or else cannot fly leh!”

It’s worse when you’ve lined up at the boarding gate and gotten your hand carry triple checked for two strange pipe-like objects (microphone stands), only to be told of the delay right after you’ve put back your entire pasar malam collection into the hand carry.

But nair mind, there are many things to do at Changi Airport when your flight’s delayed for two hours. mr brown won the trolley race because I zapped myself with static electricity and veered into a pillar. No one was hurt.

The shopping’s great too. We thought of buying a set of this really popular attire, so we can look just like the air crew on our flight later.

Really popular item
coolest garb at the airport