It starts somewhere

Los Angeles
It’s the same sunset, but you can watch it over and over again

If you were to tell me a couple of years ago that I’d be stressing out over wedding plans right now, I wouldn’t even have laughed at you because I’d have thought you were talking to your friend next to me or something.

This stressing out over wedding plans is new to me, so I suppose the unusual situation of being thousands of miles away from home less than a month out from one’s own wedding just adds to the novelty of the whole thing.

There are so many things to plan, so many details to consider. And something as simple as what to say when offering a toast at dinner has me in knots (hur hur – tie knot mah, hor?) I can’t just wing it with this one. And you know what? I love the fact I’m not able to wing it.

You can’t wing a speech, really – you’ll end up saying something, a nothing, like, ‘I’d like to thank my wife, without whom this would not have been possible’, and/or ‘I’d like to thank my parents, I love you, haha, without whom I would not be here’.

I’m in knots over what to say, because my wife to be deserves something said that can’t be just put in words. And she knows what I mean, because she reads my blog at least half a dozen times a day and she knows when I write something, and when I write nothings. (She’ll also restrain herself from smacking idiots who leave nasty or irrelevant comments).

I’ve also got a real champion of a best friend whom I’ve just remembered should be the best man, and when I asked him how one should go about doing the tea ceremony thing, he said, “brb, I Google tea ceremony”.