Spam scam alert

chowcheebyespamPlease do not open any email titled ‘Check it out’ from me or your any of your acquaintances. It’s a spam scam, and this is how it works:

The body contains the text: “Sign up so we can play”.

And any stupid idiots that receive that email (and I am your king) will click on that link, enter their email account details for one or more of the following services – Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. And yes, your majesty here entered his password for his Gmail account, and hey, presto, every single contact on his Gmail account got spammed the same spam, and if you were none the wiser, you’d have opened it, thinking that bloody Miyagi always sends nonsense so I better open it or else he’ll be mad.

So, I tell you now, don’t open ah!

10pm, Zion Road

Zion Road Won Ton Mee
101 ways to pass the time

It’s just past 10pm at the slip road off Zion Road, and I want to think that the Uncle sitting at the coffee shop giving a running commentary on the scene on the road is just passing time.

The coffee shop’s empty save for the Uncle and me and my lovely dining companion. I’m there to eat the ‘zhao pai’ wonton mee, where the wonton is fried, the noodles are springy (oily) and the chilli, something else.

There are policemen on the slip road, loitering, for want of a better word, hovering around cars illegally parked – side of road, unbroken white line, $70 – and issuing summonses.

Uncle tells of how merciless these policemen are, issuing summonses after 10pm, when the regular parking police from the URA have called it a day, and how some poor taxi drivers, stopping by Zion Road Food Centre to use the toilet, come out and see their taxis booked (in a different way).

I walk across to where the policemen are, to take a picture of them at work, giving them ample warning by smiling at them and showing them my phone camera. They’re shy blokes, these cops, and they hide their faces and make themselves as invisible as possible, except for the cop in the reflecto-vest, who’s more or less resigned to appearing in the picture I’m about to take.

Then one car arrives, and unloads its passengers, one of whom is holding jumper cables, for to start his car illegally parked at the side of the road with the unbroken white line. He peers at his windscreen, where the wipers are holding a fresh summons.

Uncle walks across to the car, maybe to commiserate with the poor sod. Poor sod doesn’t seem too interested, so Uncle comes back and sits back down at the table next to us, and continues his commentary on the scene.

We finish our noodles, and take our leave. Uncle says goodbye in Mandarin and English, and he’s the only one left at the coffeeshop, save for the stallholders of ‘Teck Kee Roast Delicacies Rice’, the fellas who make the tasty wonton mee.

Zion Road Won Ton MeeZion Road Won Ton MeeZion Road Won Ton MeeZion Road Won Ton Mee

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Mmmm donuts…

I’m still wondering why Singaporean tastebuds never got used to Dunkin’ Donuts, while multi-millionaires have been made out of their (dunkin donuts’, not tastebuds’) franchisees in Indonesia and Malaysia.

They are good donuts, you know? And you can get them on several North South Highway (PLUS) pit-stops between here and KL.

Dunkin' DonutsDunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' DonutsDunkin' Donuts

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TODAY: What’s all the podding fuss about?

Meta: It was a busy news day yesterday, at least for mrbrown and myself, when newsrooms in Singapore and abroad began working on the Balaji-No-Podcast statement story. Good thing I’ve got free incoming calls on my mobile. I also found it funny that I had to tell some reporters to keep it short because I was busy doing my own column – which, after some tweaking by the editors, is here, in full, with the first line sporting a strikeout in both the print and pdf versions.

Just to make it clear: I didn’t put that strikeout there, nor write that line in the first place.

And, as always, I missed out on a great quote from a reader, which I’ll put here now, because it says nice things about me and mrbrown:

“…podcasts? Who the hell listens to podcasts? I’d rather put Creed in my iPod than motherfuckingly lame podcasts churned out by a bunch of self-important nobodies (with the exception of the esteemed mrbrown and Mr. Miyagi, of course).”

Wah! Esteemed leh Thank you! We esteemed, we steam ah!

OK, on with the show:

0504HNL004_m.jpgIt seems you can blog or podcast about the polls if it’s not ‘explicitly political’

When you see a headline that goes “Podcasting is not allowed during elections”, it’s as good a time as any for this column to explain podcasts.

A podcast is essentially an audio or video file you download over the Internet and listen to on your own time, either on your computer or on your media playing device, such as an MP3 player.

Now, video and audio files have been around for a while. So, what is it about podcasting that makes it so new it’s off the “positive list”, as described by the Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts Dr Balaji Sadasivan?

Read more at TODAYonline: [pdf][text]

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