TODAY: Beauty, brains and cups

1204VOC016_m.jpgBloggers take their turn as judges of the Miss Singapore Universe contest

THE “authors’ note” on Singapore Beauty ( states that the blog is a collection of ugly happenings in Singapore, because “Singapore is not only beautiful, it is ugly at the same time”.

I am not sure if that explains why the recent Miss Singapore Universe 2006 pageant was covered on the blog. The post announced the winner, Carol Cheong, and then immediately after, commented that the contestants “seems [sic] to have no brains” because “most of them didn’t even know how to answer the questions. They never really answer the questions!”

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WTF! Show Previews: Switch Campaign spoof

Really, we’re just fans of Apple’sSwitch‘ campaign, and we’re not tying any housing issue to any electoral thingamajig parliamentarary mandatory.

Don’t say we nair warn you har, the fella in Parliament already say, Election Time cannot podcast election thing. Simple. Just remember, ‘Prison Got No Broadband’.

Video Podcast: The WTF! Show preview 4 – Switch ft Mr Miyagi Quicktime MOV, Filesize: 3mb, Time: 00:00:29)

Video Podcast: The WTF! Show preview 5 – Switch ft mrbrown (Quicktime MOV, Filesize: 4.1mb, Time: 00:00:29)


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