Oi! Sleeping Beauty!

“We three queens of Orient are…”

It is a Christmas tradition to be a part of a pantomime. (No, really. The Chrissie Panto is a big part of Straits culture). So I went and watched Wild Rice’s ‘Oi! Sleeping Beauty! The Wake-Up Musical’ and enjoyed it tremendously, as I did the last time I watched their Panto (Cindere-lah! – 2003).

If you’re thinking of catching this year’s, there’s only Friday’s show left, so go buy your tickets now. It’s really worth your while, because if you’re a blogger worth your salt, you’d like that little bit of cheekiness and good-golly-how-on-earth-did-that-pass-MDA’s-scrutiny in the script, written as only Jonathan Lim and Ivan Heng can.

Remember to bring a jacket – the Drama Centre’s air-con a bit the strong.

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TODAY: NKF: The big buzz

2112Vor023 MOnline community reactions range from amusement to outrage

IN JULY, just after the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) scandal broke, someone started a blog called “Justice For NKF Donors” (justice4nkfdonors.blogspot.com) detailing key points in the investigation into the management of the charity organisation.

At time of writing, that blog had not yet been updated with reactions to Monday’s release of the external auditor’s report.

But other local bloggers have been quick on the ball — busily documenting their responses to the 400-plus page report.

As blogger Merv (atypicalsingaporean.blogspot.com) put it, this is “better than watching King Kong”.

Read more at TODAYOnline.

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If you asked me

I’d tell you who is just as culpable. Your friendly neighbourhood broadcaster.

For accepting NKF monies to produce toopid charity shows. (I don’t blame any of the artistes, such as Tay Ping Hui, who are on a contract with our friendly neighbourhood broadcaster and as a result, are obligated to walk on wires wearing only stilettos and a g-string for the shows, being made to believe that these are called ‘dangerous stunts’.)

I haven’t read the 400+ page report so I don’t know if it reveals how much money went to the broadcaster for their infernal annual NKF shows. But let me remind all youse residents of this good country: You pay Television & Radio Licence Fees. $110 per household. Additional $27 for motor-vehicles. Per annum.

So even if you didn’t begrudge our broadcaster(s) for continuing to receive advertising revenue on top of licensing revenue, you’d at least be asking how much money they asked from a charity to do a charity show.

They can’t tell us like we tell readers, ‘Don’t like, don’t watch’, because we’re obligated to fork out the fees. C’mon, fellas, we know the UK has licensing fees too, but at least they have the BBC.

Liddat can already! No need to do stunts one. Besides, this chick looks better in heels than Tay Ping Hui does!

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Very nonsense

The latest in wireless gaming

They still sell this, the most nonsensical game in the universe: Hungry Hungry Hippos! Four plastic hippos eating marbles.

the classic marble munching game, is viewed by many so-called experts as ‘a board game for young children.’ We beg to differ, as those stuffy old encyclopedia writers obviously haven’t played this fast and furious game after a few jars down the local. If they had, they’d know that despite its obvious appeal to kiddies, Hungry Hippos is even more entertaining if you’re an overly refreshed adult. After all, how often do you get to hammer a hippo in order to make it munch as many marbles as possible? Exactly.

I was only 4 when it happened. This is a TRUE STORY. This really happened. My older cousin Kiana, was playing “Hugry, Hungry Hippos.” The game would not work and it fell apart. She was 6. Her and her friend Darlene decided it would be a good idea to suck on some of the marbles. Kiana fell down and swallowed 4 marbles and was sent to the emergency room. Luckily, she survived, with a surgery resulting in huge medical bills. Kiana almost died from this, she was 6. Hungry Hippos teaches NOTHING except for bad idea and horrible accidents. Please do NOT, NOT, NOT buy this for children under 7. Infact, don’t buy it at all. I doesn’t work, and if it was 1 penny more cheap, it would be made of cardboard
Customer review, Amazon.com

If it means really living on the edge like that, I think I might go and get a set for Christmas.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Last Christmas by Wham of which I have the original CD.

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