MX-5 1, Mynah 0

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This evening me and the boys met up at our local and had more drinks than usual, for reasons unbeknownst to ourselves.

In between drinks, I messaged the ex in Hong Kong a birthday greeting, and mulled over where I was in life. This spell of introspection thankfully lasted only till the next drink.

Me and the boys drank, ate chicken wings, hotdogs and drank some more. And we laughed a lot. One of those pub meetings where you laugh a lot, then you go home and think hey, that was fun, but you can’t remember what you laughed about.

JH did cause a pause when he told us about his ‘seriously weird’ afternoon with his car. He was driving his Miata down a leafy stretch and a mynah flew very close across and past his windscreen, and before he could marvel at the sight, that mynah’s companion mynah couldn’t quite fly clear of his windscreen, and clipped it’s legs on his windscreen, causing it to hurtle low across the road much like an Imperial Tie-Fighter after being hit by an X-wing’s laser cannons.

For some reason, JH was very disturbed by the event. We pushed another drink his way. Then we asked what his car number was, so we could go buy Four-D.

Imperial Tie-Fighter, Sienar Fleet Systems’ Twin Ion Engine Craft.

Common (Indian) Mynah, Acridotheres tristis

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9 thoughts on “MX-5 1, Mynah 0”

  1. dude, first you post something terribly melancholic and then follow up with some strange comparison of crippled mynahs and imperial Tie-fighters.

    How terribly sad.

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