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Video: Hong Lim Park, 18 June 2011

Pink Dot SG 2011 from Brian McDairmant on Vimeo. This was shot over an hour at Pink Dot SG 2011 on the 18th of June. Held at Speaker’s Corner, Hong Lim Park in Singapore. 10,000 people gathered to form a giant dot in support of the right to love, regardless of sexual orientation. Photographed and Edited by Brian McDairmant www.facebook/TwoChiefs Format: 5D and ZF primes Tweet

Now That You Got It remix feat. Damian Marley

I like Gwen Stefani, and I like Bob Marley. But Bob Marley’s um… not around, so it’s great that Stefani’s new single features one of his many sons, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley. Unlike Bob, Damian’s not a reggae artist. It says on wikipedia that Damian’s musical specialty is “Toasting“, which is the Jamaican style of rapping. That’s quite different from Microwaving, Steaming and Double Boiling, which is the Chinese style of rapping. Or something. Here’s a 2 minute preview of the single’s music video: “Now That You Got It” will be released September 17. Technorati Tags: Gwen Stefani, Damian Marley, Toasting, Music, music, video, youtube Tweet

Mr Loh’s national song

As I rushed to find a wireless hotspot to sit down at and email urgent work to a client, I heard a familiar tune in one of our great city’s many underpasses, and so decided to trace the source. But when I got to it, the busker had just finished his harmonica rendition of one of the tune. I rummaged through my pocket and produced some money to put in his basket, and said very nicely to him, “Uncle, can play that song one more time?” “You like that song? OK, short one ah, I play one more time”, he smiled and said: After he was done, he asked me why I liked that song, and so I explained that I lived in Australia for a period in the 90s. “So did I”, he said, beaming, “but before you were born, probably”. Mr Loh then went on to tell me that he went to Sydney in 1962, studied Mechanical Engineering at Sydney University, and moved to Melbourne for a while before returning to Singapore in …