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Walking away from a job is never easy and this has been a struggle of a decision. There is a divide between the online and the offline which we both felt my column would continue to bridge but following the events of last week and many many long discussions between brown and myself, today I told TODAY that I quit. The TODAY money is nice and secure but we’ve since gotten a few very interesting projects and great sponsors that will keep both of us very busy. Don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning the offline world. After all, those sponsored TV cameras we got aren’t paperweights. Technorati Tags: Mr Miyagi, singapore, TODAY Tweet


Singaporeans, it is time to podcast your views to mark this National Day I KNOW it’s a little way from Aug 9, but my friends and I stumbled upon the idea of making use of podcasts (which, as I’ve previously explained, are audio files stored and distributed via the Internet), to create a little buzz in the lead-up to National Day. We hope to make this a viral meme, where readers and bloggers follow our lead, create their own audio files and put it on the Net for other people to download. Think of it as one of those government agency initiatives such as the hugely popular Fabric of the Nation project (, only this one’s on the Internet. And you don’t need any sewing skills. Read more at TODAYonline: [pdf][text] Technorati Tags: iamsingaporean, NationalDay, NDP06, podcast, podcasting, singapore, TODAY Tweet

TODAY: TODAY hacked, it’s on your phone

‘Hackers’ use RSS to satiate their appetites for news-on-demand I’VE written about RSS feeds and how bloggers use them to “syndicate” their content for readers, who don’t have to actually visit their sites to get their updates. I’d attempt to explain RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication), but I think it’s better left to encyclopaedias such as the online Wikipedia ( What I know about RSS is that it summarises all my favourite blogs and news sites’ latest offerings, which I am then able to read on what is called an “aggregator”, such as Why am I re-visiting the topic of RSS? Well, I found out recently that some smart undergraduate had “hacked” into (or modified) the online edition of this newspaper and turned it into an RSS feed. Read more at TODAYonline: [pdf] Technorati Tags: RSS, singapore, TODAY Tweet