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Connected cleaners

If you’ve ever wondered if Singapore was really such a hi-tech connected country with hi-tech connected people, wonder no further. On the Emerald Hill Group’s website’s “Work for us” section, there are openings for ‘Cleaners’ to work at their various outlets on Emerald Hill. So confident are they that people who usually seek employment as cleaners would have internet access and have the nous to look up job openings online. Technorati Tags: Singapore Tweet

Caption exercise

Because I’m a complete idiot, I totally forgot about the 24 hours of Flickr meme that I had even taken the trouble to publicise, and I don’t have any photos to show for that day, because, of all days, my cameras (phone and compact cam) did not log a single picture on the 5th. So anyway, here’s a random picture with a caption, not that it’ll make up for my missing the meme. If you can think of other captions, go for it: “Despite being very agreeable people, the folk at ‘Shake Hand Brand’ suffered from a protracted lntellectual Property lawsuit initiated by the people from ‘Hold Hand Brand’.” Technorati Tags: Engrish, singapore Tweet

Thinking blogger award

Last week, Amy of Illinois (that’s in the U.S., not Sengkang or Jurong West Extension) tagged me as a ‘thinking blogger’, though not for this blog, but my Twice-Poisoned Dog one, because she says, “It is surreally beautiful, heartbreaking, lovely, terribly sad. I don’t know that it is supposed to be, necessarily. It sometimes feels like I’m reading someone’s diary over their shoulder–thrilling, deceitful and enthralling”. Apart from making my head too big for my t-shirts, this gives me the option of participating in this meme by similarly tagging five other people. If, and only if, you’ve been tagged and would like to share the love, here are the rules: You have to link back to the original post that started this meme. Tag five other bloggers ‘that make you think’, and explain why (although I’d rather prefer letting my ‘taggees’ own words do the work). (You can use this logo/sticker in your post, but that’s optional, and therefore not a rule and that’s why I’m putting it in brackets). Five blogs that make me …