Connected cleaners


If you’ve ever wondered if Singapore was really such a hi-tech connected country with hi-tech connected people, wonder no further.

On the Emerald Hill Group’s website’s “Work for us” section, there are openings for ‘Cleaners’ to work at their various outlets on Emerald Hill. So confident are they that people who usually seek employment as cleaners would have internet access and have the nous to look up job openings online.

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Caption exercise

Because I’m a complete idiot, I totally forgot about the 24 hours of Flickr meme that I had even taken the trouble to publicise, and I don’t have any photos to show for that day, because, of all days, my cameras (phone and compact cam) did not log a single picture on the 5th.

So anyway, here’s a random picture with a caption, not that it’ll make up for my missing the meme. If you can think of other captions, go for it:

Caption exercise

“Despite being very agreeable people, the folk at ‘Shake Hand Brand’ suffered from a protracted lntellectual Property lawsuit initiated by the people from ‘Hold Hand Brand’.”

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Thinking blogger award

Thinking+BloggerLast week, Amy of Illinois (that’s in the U.S., not Sengkang or Jurong West Extension) tagged me as a ‘thinking blogger’, though not for this blog, but my Twice-Poisoned Dog one, because she says, “It is surreally beautiful, heartbreaking, lovely, terribly sad. I don’t know that it is supposed to be, necessarily. It sometimes feels like I’m reading someone’s diary over their shoulder–thrilling, deceitful and enthralling”.

Apart from making my head too big for my t-shirts, this gives me the option of participating in this meme by similarly tagging five other people.

If, and only if, you’ve been tagged and would like to share the love, here are the rules:

You have to link back to the original post that started this meme.

Tag five other bloggers ‘that make you think’, and explain why (although I’d rather prefer letting my ‘taggees’ own words do the work).

(You can use this logo/sticker in your post, but that’s optional, and therefore not a rule and that’s why I’m putting it in brackets).

Five blogs that make me think:

1. Little. Yellow. Different: Because he’s hilarious, especially when he transcribes his many conversations with his mother:

E: Why did you bring bedroom curtains? I didn’t ask for curtains.
Mom: Your bedroom lets in too much light. When I’m in your room and I look at the window, someone’s always outside, looking in.
E: Uhm, when are you in my bedroom? How often are you in my bedroom? Are you coming in my house when I’m not at home?
Mom: (skirting issue) You need curtains for your safety. SAFE-TEE. Maybe if you knew any karate I wouldn’t be so worried about you. These curtains that I bought aren’t long enough. I’ll swing by tomorrow.
E: …

2. Popagandhi: For letting us travel vicariously on her many journeys to both far flung and near flung places. Places where you’d only travel vicariously because there’s probably not going to be hot water and electricity:

Here’s a dare — book a one way flight somewhere, bring no guidebook, and go by yourself. Just bring a strong dose of independence, confidence, street wisdom and common sense. I think you’ll find that’s all you need to survive anywhere. Showering in cold water if you have to; being on a train for 40 hours if you have to; eating by the street because you have to, and really, doing whatever the hell you want, because you can. The “it’s just you” thing doesn’t work; it’s not about backpacking, and it’s not about travelling. It’s about finding your feet and adapting.

3. petite anglaise: For drawing us into her life by making even the mundane something noticeable and therefore something to be appreciated:

Sometimes, on the nights when Mr Frog would come home late from work, I would pounce, ravenous for conversation after several hours of pacing the apartment alone like a caged animal while baby Tadpole slept. I would talk and talk and talk until he protested, hands on ears, saying “my head is fool”.

(He meant full. Distinguishing between certain English vowels can be very tough for a French person).

4. Betterdays: Another fellow ‘editor’ at, and an avid traveller and writer of vivid travel tales. OK, so his recent short post about the Ao Dai sold me:

My photos don’t do justice to this wonderful attire as you can see this one blurry attempt of mine in deep south of Vietnam

5. Only Slightly Pretentious Food: For when you don’t think food should be simple and convenient:

It was so foamy that you could literally just dig into it with your spoon; it was like eating a cloud. The best thing about it was that it was so intense, yet so clear, almost as if it was just pure tomato essence. Imagine our surprise when Chef Jaakko revealed that the soup was made from pounds and pounds of red tomatoes, distilled till only the clearest tomato oils were obtained. Little surprise, then, that we all enjoyed this immensely.

There. Consider youse five tagged.

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Answers to life’s pressing questions

Married life: First you walk down the aisle, then you keep walking down aisles
Answer me: Why don’t they stock up on Dr Pepper in the supermarkets?

I believe I’m of the age-group that straddles the digital divide – half my age group are computer-illiterate, while the other half seems to have a PDA stuck in their back-pockets at all times, and they don’t even have to take it out of there because there’s bluetooth and all that. So they tell me. I think they just like the feel of something digital down there.

The point I think I’m trying to make here is that we’re so used to asking the ingterneck for answers to every little mundane detail, that we’re completely stumped when we don’t have high speed brogbang ingterneck, and we’re really taking knowledge for granted, just like how some people say learning how to spell is redundant because nowadays, even your phone got speow check.

Like how my father sometimes wants to look up more information about other minor side effects of Parkinson’s medication, only he can’t, because he hasn’t taken enough of a dosage to be able to operate the keyboard without frustrating himself. Still, he has this thing called ‘Speed dialling your son to get answers’.

I know of someone so used to Googling things, that when he doesn’t quite understand what you’re saying, instead of asking you to rephrase or elaborate, he says, ‘what does that mean? google it google it google it!’

So anyway, I’m barely hanging in there trying to catch up with the ingterneck, and I’m beginning to see myself slipping behind as chatter about something called “Web 2.0″ seems to get louder and louder until I cannot ignore it any more and have to Google it!

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24 hours of Flickr

If you’re a Flickr user, you probably already know about this. How about we all participate – and see what 24 hours on 5th May in Singapore looks like?

Excerpt from Flickr:

…To celebrate this global community, we invite you to join us in 24 Hours of Flickr, a day-long global photo project. On May 5 2007, grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures.

Join the 24 Hours of Flickr group to get ready for the big day. After the big day, post your best photo to the group. We’d love to see the group photos on a map as well, so make sure you add your photos to the map using the Organizr.

Remember! We want the photos here to illustrate one day in the life of the Flickr community — May 5, 2007 — so, you can only submit a photo taken on May 5. (You’ll have until May 21 to add your photo.)…

If you’re not a Flickr user, get an account. It’s the best damn photo-sharing site on the ingterneck.

Join 24 Flickr
Join Flickr
See my Flickr photos

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History of cat blogging

Quite apt that I found this graphic (via Friskodude), seeing as I’ve been talking a lot about Jake the Cat, and been pointed to a couple of cat blogs in response:

History of cat blogging

While I started out on Blogger, and am a Flickr Pro account holder, I haven’t really (like Friskodude) gotten into YouTube, or the latest blogging accessory – Twitter. Sure I got an account and all that (had to – everyone else had one), but I struggle to find something to write and text the whole world about, unlike some people I know, who are able to report to their audience while sitting on the crapper – 1.47pm: Used four squares of toilet paper today. Not bad for single ply use. Must do better next time for the sake of tackling global climate change

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Human spirit abundant guest writer

Human spirit abundant guest writerI was desperate to know what the Zaobao Now section of Zaobao was saying because there was a mention of ‘Mr Miyagi’, so I ran the paragraph over with my computer’s nifty translator widget, and this is what it said:

Human spirit abundant guest writer Mr.Miyagi had even said perhaps, Lin Zhen thinks is the Singapore oldest abundant guest writer

Human spirit abundant guest writerThis Hua Yu really is damned cool.

I’d have been kept more amused about this if not for my crook stomach lately that’s been making me more of a human wind abundant guest writer.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Spirit Voices from the album “Anthology, Disk 2″ by Paul Simon of which I have the original CD.

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Representing Singapore

Representing SingaporeA big thank you to Drs Edna Lim and Philip Holden for having Agagooga and myself at 10am in the morning, guest lecturing at NUS as part of the English Language & Literature Department’s ‘Representing Singapore‘ module. It was fun. (Thanks are in order to Agagooga and his fabulous Powerpoint skills too, or else I’d have been stuck for an hour trying to figure out how to set the slides up.)

Representing SingaporeIf you’ve come here after attending that lecture, forget everything you’ve just been told about the blog being a constructed facsimile of one’s identity, and just read everything here at face value, ok? Can?

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Hay Que Entrarle a Palos a Ése (You’ve Got to Teach Him a Lesson) from the album “Buenos Hermanos” by Ibrahim Ferrer of which I have the original CD.

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Bless the squire and his relations

Elvis is aliveOnce, when I was in junior college, the discipline master reprimanded a schoolmate for having his shirt tucked out while school was still in session. He said to the errant boy, “How dare you walk around with your shirt tucked out like that? What do you think this is? Your grandfather’s school?”

My schoolmate thought for a bit, then decided to say it. He said, “As a matter of fact, yes, it is”, as he pointed to the plaque at the college’s foyer, which informed all and sundry that the college was built thanks in no small part to the very generous donations of his grandfather, one of the pioneers of Singapore’s banking industry.

Of course, that schoolmate was punished to a few days’ worth of detention, but if I remember correctly, he also said, “damn, that was worth it – how often do you get to say that?”

So insensitive, this boy, for keeping the discipline master in his proper station.

But apart from the occasional derisive, “eh, your friend government school one ah?”, we got along fine at this institution, where we schooled with the likes of the Tans, the Shaws, the Tangs, the Wees and the Liens. (Other families went to a less fun college).

P.S. photo has nothing to do with this post, so don’t read anything into it. I couldn’t.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of The Ground Beneath Her Feet from the album “The Million Dollar Hotel” by U2 & Daniel Lanois of which I have the original CD.

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