Irene Ang in the V-Conference

Free panties for everyone!

Not every press conference gives out a swag that contains panties, and I’m happy to be associated with one that is. Thank you Triumph. OK, now that you’ve closed the bra company’s window, read on…

That’s a picture of Mr Y K Foo, freelance photographer snapping for Women’s Weekly, holding up one such panty with glee. OK, it was posed, obviously. But gleefully posed, can?

Rehearsals have started in earnest for Irene Ang’s one woman (and one man) show called “Irene Ang in the V-Conference“, and everyone’s going a bit mad, which is a good thing. Mad is good. You should see Irene Ang mad. She’s damn funny when she’s mad. Mad as in crazy.

Beatrice is going a bit mad too, but then she’s already mad to want to direct this show after coming off things like “Cabaret“.

Script reads and rehearsals so far have been really fun because Irene’s a bit scared of what we’re wanting to make her do. “What are you all trying to make me do?” is a common refrain in the rehearsal room.
Co-star Chua Enlai, on the other hand, is never reticent about being totally outlandish, so he’s already a hoot.

On behalf of Fly Entertainment (Irene’s company), thank you all youse journos who turned up for the press conference at Bellini Room, St James Power Station last week. For those who didn’t, you missed out on a bit of fun that Fly decided to put up, transferring a bit of the energy that rehearsals have been packed with. We made Irene wear a ridiculous frilly skirt and answer really awkward questions from the ‘press’ – comprising myself, Beatrice and Enlai. Questions such as “Irene, will we be seeing your “V” during the show?” were thrown at an unprepared Irene, who managed to ad lib admirably without revealing too much.

If only all press conferences were this fun.

Irene Ang in the V-Conference runs 25th – 27th and 30th September at Movida St James Power Station. Tickets available from and from all outlets.

Please, come and watch! Bring your friends!

V-Conference Press Conference
Enlai (not paying attention), Beatrice, Irene and me (don’t like flash)

V-Conference Press Conference
No, Beatrice didn’t have to squat to get to my height

V-Conference Press Conference
In Malaysia, this is known as a “Wee”

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Men’s Health: Man2Man: Fear & Loving

Mens HealthOriginally published in Men’s Health (May 2007)

You know how as kids, we were indoctrinated at a young age about how truth and honesty trump untruth and dishonesty? I was such a believer I decided to put that into practice when I was about five. And who else to demonstrate that new found knowledge to than Mummy.

We were dining in a coffee house (that was what cafes were known as in the 1970s) and because I was the clumsiest kid around, knocked over the sugar dispenser and spilled sugar all over the table.

Only thing was that my mother had turned away to get the waitress’ attention when it happened. And so, a moral dilemma presented itself, and just as quickly, what was learnt at kindergarten that very week suddenly sprang to my young mind and it was clear that I would tell THE TRUTH when the time came for THE TRUTH to out itself, or for untruth to push THE TRUTH off the stage after THE TRUTH had outed itself!

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Great Singapore Sale II: Going Green

ST - GSS - 070607bOriginally published in The Straits Times “Great Singapore Sale II” supplement, Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is upon us again, and this year, I’m trying a positive attitude. (As opposed to sulking while the wife soldiers on through the throngs).

For me, a positive attitude includes ‘going green’ – and I don’t mean what your face looks like when you finally get your credit card bills.

Global warming is real, and if we’re going to do anything about climate change, I reckon the Great Singapore Sale is one event where you can put environmentally friendly habits into practice.

I know it’s a little hard to balance what are apparent opposite principles and ‘buying only what you need, and not what you want’ might dent the success of the GSS, but there are some things we can do to be environmentally conscious while shopping till we’re unconscious.

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Oops, happy belated birthday, Curiosa Felicitas!

This blog is now 3 years old!

From when it first started in April 2004, till now, it’s seen many, many facelifts. Mostly because I’m easily bored and like to tinker around without any thought whatsoever as to whether I’d break the template and have to call for help. Thank you those who’ve helped me when my template has been broken.

But seriously, thank you very much, all of you who are reading, and all of you who have read, enjoyed, left comments, emailed, congratulated and encouraged. It is humbling, and very, very much appreciated.


Wayback to July 04

August 05

September 05

April 06

Previous birthdays:

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Tell It Like It Is – On Your Blog

Excerpt from yesterday’s Digital Life (which you can’t access online, so it’s reproduced here on a Malaysian news site):

Take, too, Benjamin Lee, who writes as Mr Miyagi ( He once had a run-in with the cafe Cedele, when he realised the menu did not accurately reflect how spicy the food was.

After suffering much tongue-burn, he wrote about it on his blog.

Two days later, he got an e-mail from the chain’s operations manager who told him they had made changes to their menus.

“I told him that I was impressed,” said Lee.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of We Believe from the album “Stadium Arcadium” by Red Hot Chili Peppers of which I have the original CD.

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OMG! Top 5!

The Bak Chor Mee Episode has been downloaded 30,000 times

I am floored. All because of some unwanted pork liver.

But can we just say again, that WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL PODCAST!? And if you really wanted to name us as political podcasters, at least put in our URLs right? See lah! So many people looking for mrbrown and mr miyagi. (Ignore the ‘Macau Pork Sandwich’ and ‘Picture of her pussy’ search queries. I’m not sure how those land here).

Last 100 Search engine queries landing on

Num Perc. Search Term
29 18.59% mr brown
15 9.62% mr miyagi
12 7.69% miyagi
6 3.85% mr brown blog
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2 1.28% carol cheong
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2 1.28% how can a poor man stand such times and live
2 1.28% fiona xie
1 0.64% mr brown’s blogspot
1 0.64%
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And the top 6 search queries landing on

mr brown persistently
singapore election blog
lopez singapore blog
lee kuan yee past photo only
singapore election blog 2006
mr brown rally

Nabeh, Straits Times

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Mr Miyagi puts it rather squarely

Bloggers are self-serving, unless of course there’s a greater community need where it will serve the blogger himself to actually help out, I don’t think bloggers will go out of their way unless they have a real altruistic nature about them lah.

Yes, I said that to Jermyn Chow, the Straits Times Interactive reporter who had to file his story podcast. And what about that term again – the ‘glass houses’ one? Thank you, Alex Au, for the gift that keeps on giving.

mrbrown and I were interviewed on the phone this afternoon for the follow-up stories on the stolen handphone sex video clip saga. Why, you may well ask? Especially since neither of us has ever stolen a phone or made a sex video clip (no, honest)?

Well, the story angle (and there always has to be one with these tree-based media type publications) links the saga to the what reporter Jermyn Chow calls ‘the power of blogging’. Well, since mrbrown’s and my blogs are (ahem) quite ‘power’, I supposed that’s what makes us the voices of authority on matters like this. The same applies to when they do stories on electoral laws and any other thing you could poke a stick at and say ‘hey, I think global warming’s caused by blogs, I better call mrbrown and Mr Miyagi and ask them what they think’.

‘And what about the war in Iraq? Damn those bloggers!’

But apart from that, Jermyn and I had a good chat about the whole thing, and he expressed his frustration in trying to get hold of the source of the story.

Well, is liddat one lah, hor? But I did assure him that blogs and bloggers were not ‘out to get mainstream media’, and that he’d still keep his job, except for if he takes a blogger’s word for the truth and publishes something he takes to be fact without actually corroborating it.

It could happen. There’s no law against lying to a reporter. You just have to sift out the bad from the credible ones, dude.

Podcast: STI: Spin-offs from home-made sex video?

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We are one

Picture 11.pngFunny how the Channel Newsasia text version of the interview manages to mash up quotes from mr brown and myself, then attribute them only to me. (Yes, we are doing a lot of things together, but we’re just friends, ok? Not even a Brokeback Hill here.)

We also spoke about podcasting and how much fun we’re having with it, so they put that into another text article on their site.

Not that anyone’s interested in this matter right now, now that there’s that Nanyang Polytechnic Sex Scandal thing going on. Blardy hell, now no-one will download our podcasts!

Video Podcast: the mrbrown show (video) 19 Feb 2006: Show 2, CNA interview

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