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Irene Ang in the V-Conference

Not every press conference gives out a swag that contains panties, and I’m happy to be associated with one that is. Thank you Triumph. OK, now that you’ve closed the bra company’s window, read on… That’s a picture of Mr Y K Foo, freelance photographer snapping for Women’s Weekly, holding up one such panty with glee. OK, it was posed, obviously. But gleefully posed, can? Rehearsals have started in earnest for Irene Ang’s one woman (and one man) show called “Irene Ang in the V-Conference“, and everyone’s going a bit mad, which is a good thing. Mad is good. You should see Irene Ang mad. She’s damn funny when she’s mad. Mad as in crazy. Beatrice is going a bit mad too, but then she’s already mad to want to direct this show after coming off things like “Cabaret“. Script reads and rehearsals so far have been really fun because Irene’s a bit scared of what we’re wanting to make her do. “What are you all trying to make me do?” is a common refrain …

Men’s Health: Man2Man: Fear & Loving

Originally published in Men’s Health (May 2007) You know how as kids, we were indoctrinated at a young age about how truth and honesty trump untruth and dishonesty? I was such a believer I decided to put that into practice when I was about five. And who else to demonstrate that new found knowledge to than Mummy. We were dining in a coffee house (that was what cafes were known as in the 1970s) and because I was the clumsiest kid around, knocked over the sugar dispenser and spilled sugar all over the table. Only thing was that my mother had turned away to get the waitress’ attention when it happened. And so, a moral dilemma presented itself, and just as quickly, what was learnt at kindergarten that very week suddenly sprang to my young mind and it was clear that I would tell THE TRUTH when the time came for THE TRUTH to out itself, or for untruth to push THE TRUTH off the stage after THE TRUTH had outed itself! Technorati Tags: 70s, …

Great Singapore Sale II: Going Green

Originally published in The Straits Times “Great Singapore Sale II” supplement, Thursday, June 7, 2007 The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is upon us again, and this year, I’m trying a positive attitude. (As opposed to sulking while the wife soldiers on through the throngs). For me, a positive attitude includes ‘going green’ – and I don’t mean what your face looks like when you finally get your credit card bills. Global warming is real, and if we’re going to do anything about climate change, I reckon the Great Singapore Sale is one event where you can put environmentally friendly habits into practice. I know it’s a little hard to balance what are apparent opposite principles and ‘buying only what you need, and not what you want’ might dent the success of the GSS, but there are some things we can do to be environmentally conscious while shopping till we’re unconscious. Technorati Tags: Great Singapore Sale, GSS, singapore Tweet