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Tremors II

OK, I got my sleep interrupted by a very long series of tremors, and we’ve just turned on the telly to watch CNA talk about last night’s quake, aftershocks and then this morning’s shaking news. “Normally our building code is sufficient to build buildings of safety”, says the engineer/professor who’s a guest on CNA right now. So, how safe are we? When do we evacuate? When do we rush down the stairs and stand in the car park, within the shadows of our tall apartment blocks? How sure are we that the buildings we live and work in haven’t been damaged by the tremors? What’s our building code? Does it specifically say that the building must be able to withstand sways of up to 1m? So many questions, so hard to type. Because I’m sleepy, and I would have swayed as I walked out to get my computer even if there wasn’t a quake anyway. The engineer/professor also says that we should evacuate to where “only if there’s really open ground”. So, OK, we’ll just …


7.20pm This just in. Naomi thought the cat was under the sofa rocking it, causing her to feel a little dizzy. Then we found the cat on his perch, and so she asked me to sit on the sofa to feel it swaying a bit. “Why ah?”, she asked. Being the professional bullshitter that I am, I said, “I think the seat of the sofa sits on the base in an unstable way.” I sat on the other sofa, which didn’t “sit on a base in an unstable way”, and said, “No, this one don’t have”, and then, “eh? Got”. For confirmation, we stared at a glass of water on the coffee table, and saw ripples. Oops, there it comes again! There are no thundering sounds, so Jurassic Park III is ruled out, and I don’t think our neighbours have bought their 5:1 Dolby home theatre system yet. Just switched on CNA on the telly, and they say there’s been a quake near Bengkulu, Sumatra at 7.9M. USGS says its preliminary magnitude is 8.0 and …

No detectable Vitamin C in Ribena

An NZ court has found GlaxoSmithKline guilty of misleading advertising because there’s actually no detectable vitamin C in Ribena. But in Singapore, the AVA has certified that local Ribena Berries aren’t just cannibals, they’ve also been ‘certified rich in vitamin C‘. Tweet