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Tony And Antonia Bennett In Singapore

There’s something quite special happening on Wednesday night (11 Sep) – the legendary Tony Bennett sings with Antonia at the Star Performing Centre at 8pm. Sure he’s sung songs with other stars like Faith Hill, k.d. lang, but there’s always something special about a Dad and Daughter Duet. Tickets are available on Sistic. Go get them now. Tweet

When Quando Fails No Matter How Many Times You Say It

I was inspired by this video I saw on FB the other day about nursing home patients who reacted very positively to music from their era and decided to try it out on my father who is convalescing in hospital. The trouble with doing that was that my father was never known to like music of any form. But last Saturday when we brought Kai to visit his Gong Gong, I suddenly recalled the only song I’ve ever heard my father sing in my whole life: Quando Quando Quando. I quickly downloaded the Engelbert Humperdinck version from iTunes and played it on my iPhone, waiting for the same excited reaction from my father. He frowned, looked suspiciously at the phone, then at me, then around the ward. Then when the song ended and I asked if he liked the song, he mumbled as much as his Parkinson’s-gripped vocal chords could muster: “No”, three times. Tweet

Papa made up this song

I felt strangely proud this morning when I drove Kai to preschool. The car stereo had yesterday switched to The Hossan Leong Show CD (in the CD changer since 2009). When I started the car after strapping him into his kiddie seat, this song started playing, and Kai was mesmerized, and when it ended, asked what song it was, who sang it, and whether I could play it again. Later at home, he recalled and sang the chorus, some bits of verses, and asked if he could listen to it again. It’s called “No Outside Food”, Uncle Hossan sang it and Papa made up the words. I forgot to tell him music arranger extraordinaire Elaine Chan made the music and decided it should be a reggae piece (there’s a Cantopop ballad version). I’m just not sure if he should sing it to his friends in preschool though. Tweet