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Now we’re really left behind

There will be murmurs about how Singapore should repeal S377A of the Penal Code now that China has apparently ‘showcased‘ a gay marriage in one of their official news outlets. But they’ll just be murmurs, cos you know how things are. Doesn’t matter if India has repealed their s377A, and China has (sort of) embraced gay unions. We are still a conservative Asian nation, right next to an increasingly basket-case Malaysia. One thing I know to be true though is that the two gay weddings we’ve had the pleasure of attending were two of the most beautiful things we’ve witnessed, and I think to a large extent, that the peace, the love and the happiness that settled around and among everyone was unfettered by disapproving family and relatives and the stress of having to make sure all the ‘official stuff’ were taken care of. Tweet

Deepavali: Awareness of the Inner Light

Northern Lights over Oslo – photo by flickRarity When I was in kindergarten, I learned about the different ethnic groups (known in Singapore as “races”) in Singapore and the festivals they celebrated. Ours, the Chinese “race”, was coolest because we had our New Year for two days in a row, and we received cash money from relatives and friends of our parents. Every other festival was known as a “New Year”. Hari Raya was “Malay New Year”, Deepavali was “Indian New Year”. We also celebrated with the ethnic groups known as the “race” of “others” during the proper “New Year”, or “Ang Moh New Year”, as my grandparents used to call the first day of January. Christmas and Easter were also “Ang Moh” festivals which we knew weren’t New Year’s Days. You just know these things when you’re such a smart kid. We’ve been invited to a Deepavali luncheon this week, and I’ve only realised that it’s only been in the last decade or so that some of us have started calling it Diwali as …