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Waxy corn

On our eating tour of Shanghai, we came upon a shop on Huaihai Lu that sold steamed corn on the cob. Perfect for nomming while walking back to our serviced apartment. A couple of bites into one, I started asking Naomi’s mum how they managed to put sweet glutinous rice into every kernel of corn – because, you know, this is China, and they can damn well do anything they like these days. So apparently it wasn’t a GM corn cob we were nomming on, but a naturally occurring variant of corn found in China, The Philippines, and Burma. (No pictures. Hands were tied eating). Tweet

Franckly beats any French fare in Singapore

This is turning into an eating tour of Shanghai. It’s been a couple of hours since Naomi and I returned to our serviced apartment from dinner at Franck. It was no ordinary dinner. It was OMG THIS IS SO GOOD WE COULD LIVE HERE AND EAT HERE, IF NOT EVERY DAY, THEN AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. We entered the premises cautiously, having read some unflattering reviews about Franck’s brusque, French service. Maybe things change very quickly in Shanghai, cos we were looked after very well by the attentive staff who even took the trouble of interpreting the completely French menu which was wheeled from table to table. All this after we thought we couldn’t possibly eat any more, cos on Saturday, we booked ourselves a table at La Creperie and had the best crepes outside Breton, even though mine looked as if a seagull had puked all over a doormat. And I can’t believe the hot chocolate we had at Whisk. It coats your spoon. It coats your tongue. It coats everything! And even …