My son keeps playing internet games

That was the search phrase used on Google by an obviously concerned parent yesterday, and somehow this glob appeared on the results pages. Funny, that.

So, you kiddies out there, watch out, don’t play so much, your parents are very up to date on matters pertaining to technology and they know what you’re up to. I tell you, they really read up and research extensively. My aunts, uncles and miscellaneous older relatives all like to ask known authorities on things to do with technology, and every Chinese New Year, they’d ask me, because I am a known authority on things to do with technology.

“Wah, this ingterneck very good ah? No need to write letter anymore, just emu can already! You have emu? You emu me lah! I have emu! I have hotmew! You emu me to auntie underscore lilly at hotmew dock com lah! I check my emu every day one! What is your emu?

This was maybe two New Years ago. Last year was:

“I have brogbang! My grandchurren all oversea also got brogbang! Can talk and see each other, you know!?”

This year it could very well have to do with blogging, seeing as my mug’s been on the telly and on the papers, and some family friends have already been asking about blogging (No, auntie, blogging is not just for teeng agers.)

Better than the aunties twittering on about “Boy ah, why not married yet? Why no girlfriend?” (Because I still want to get ang pow from you, is why, auntie).

Then again, it could very well turn out to be:

“Boy ah, why not married yet? Why no girlfriend? Use ingterneck lah! My grandson always use ingterneck! ICQ lah, IRC lah, Messenger lah, all can make friends what! Ingterneck good you know? Now got brogbang, can talk and see each other also you know?!”

Auntie, I don’t have webcam.

“Why no webcam? I have webcam you know?! Webcam and brogbang!”


(Shudder, sekali Auntie Lilly read this blog, tomorrow sure got emu from her.)

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iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Pebble Beach – Vince Guaraldi Trio – Jazz Impressions Of A Boy Named Charlie Brown, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.