Drinks with The Karen Cheng

Drinks with Karen Cheng @ Fashion Bar

It’s been a rough week battling the flu, and an exhausting two-day hiccupping fit, so I was really happy to finally get to meet one of my favourite bloggers in the entire um… blogosphere, and it turns out she was uni mates with one of my oldest friends who used to date one of her close friends. Small wurl!

Karen, It was really good meeting you and Andrew, finally! And the next time we meet up, it should be in a nice park in Perth, with the boys, and maybe a dog or two.

Oops! I just went to your blog and you write that it’s your 30th birthday! Happy Birthday Karen Cheng!

How apt, because I was just about to write about how old I am beginning to feel at drinks in a club, and about how I felt better when Andrew said he asked the bar manager to turn up the lights because it was a little dark and he was an old man who couldn’t see properly.

But it was really really good to get out and do a bloggers’ meet type thingie again, and quite a few of my new acquaintances were filling me in on the pulse of the blogosphere, and fashion and stuff, and why I shouldn’t be offended if they say that I might “like vintage fashion because I can get away with it”.

Just kidding, Dottie and Stephie. I wasn’t offended. Not one bit. I like my green polo shirt.

The “Doing The Karen Cheng For Charity” event that Karen’s thought up is still on tomorrow (Sat 5 July) at Indochine’s Forbidden City, 3A Merchant Court, Clarke Quay, 3 – 5pm, so bring your cameras and $10 to donate to the Red Cross.

Adopting happiness

Pensive Mac
Mac eyeing Jake

If you treat them well, your adopted pets will usually give you back 1000% in smiles and unconditional love. I think that’s what most pet owners know.

“Mac was very happy this morning”, I said one morning to Naomi after I had taken the dog out for a short while.

“Dogs are usually happy no matter what, unless they’ve been abused or something”, she said.

Being a fairly new dog-adopter, I’ve been privileged to experience the nonsensical happiness Mac provides daily. He picks up a toy and entertains himself for a long time, even when we’re both hunkered down with work. Having a playful housemate in Jake the Cat provides Mac with even more entertainment as he stalks, chases and bites (gently) Jake all around the apartment.

Not that the harrassment is all one-sided. Once I was amazed to witness Mac chase Jake, then Jake do a U-turn and chase Mac back until he caught up with him and then leap over the stunned dog.

Mac even had a couple of battle scars from the rowdy encounters, but they’re all healed now. Sometimes they get too boisterous, and we have to separate them for a few hours to get some peace.

Cats on the other hand, are a different kettle of fish altogether. They’re a little more unpredictable, although with Jake, we know how much he craves company and attention, but on his own terms. He’ll meow his head off until we open our bedroom door in the morning just so he can see us for a minute, then he skulks off to another part of the house.

He also takes to provoking Mac into chasing him most days. Running at full flight at the dog and then away, so that he’ll get chased.

I don’t know how to explain seeing and envying a dog’s and a cat’s simple life of play, eat and sleep adds to our happiness quotient. It just does.

And if you do want a little slice of happiness this way, please, do like we did. Adopt, don’t buy. There are plenty of animals who need a loving home, and who’ll bestow upon that home 1000% returns in investment.

Visit the SPCA, and this blog written by an SPCA volunteer, and see for yourself.