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Special Founder's Day ACS Chinese Compo T-Shirt
Special Founder’s Day ACS Chinese Compo T-Shirt

To commemorate ACS Founder’s Day, the good people at Temasek Clothings have made a special t-shirt celebrate the school’s historically renowned standard of Chinese As A Second Language (or “Your Mother’s Tongue”).

ACS Boys (and Girls) get a special discount with the code “ACS10″ when you order on their website.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #3: Xiao Ming (Chinese Compo) T-Shirt

The perfect gift for those who struggled with CL2 essays: A t-shirt with pre-filled first sentence.

Xiao Ming T-Shirt

Get them while stocks last at A Naiise Christmas Pop-Up Store: 72-74 Dunlop Street

Global Hub For Football Match Fixing

Singapore SportsHub

Jialat man. Our legit brands (apart from SIA) still struggle to make a dent internationally, and this fella stamps his authority globally simply by buying greedy football players and referees! Our Ya Kun Kayas and Crystal Jades mais well give up.

The magnitude of the unfolding match-fixing scandal is mind boggling. English football matches and World Cup qualifiers are being manipulated by a Singaporean fixer, and in such an unthinkably brazen way. The players and referees who are being controlled actually give signals like taking a yellow card at the beginning of a game to show that the match is about to be manipulated.

Neil Humphreys, the author of ‘Match Fixer‘, and who is now surely Singapore’s best selling author ever, alerted me to a Telegraph report that contained transcripts of the conversations between undercover investigators and the Singapore fixer.


“So I talk to them. Double confirm. I also tell them, I tell … this [is] what I want … Because simple, I commit myself and they commit. So you tell me how many goals … Give me at least five … either 3-2, 4-0 or zero, … for me four is enough.”

DOUBLE CONFIRM leh! As Neil put it, he might as well be waving his Singapore passport.

How To Burn Krisflyer Miles

I got a little excited this morning when SQ sent an email saying I could now pay for fares by Krisflyer Miles in combination with credit card or paypal payment.

It is very different from redeeming award flights because for 30,000 miles or so you can fly free to say Taipei or Shanghai on an award ticket (but you have to wait till you amass 30K points). But buying a ticket with KF miles gets you this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.14.36 PM

So say you’re short of $50 on your credit card to pay for your air ticket – you can use 4,900 KF points to top it up, meaning one KF mile is worth a whopping ONE CENT.

Regarding race, language and religion

I was so angry a couple of nights ago when I saw a tweet that read, “on the bus home filled with pinoys, argh!” So I asked what it was about pinoys that offended the twit(terer) and he said “they are loud and rude”. At no point did he even consider the fact that what he had written might have been racist and offensive.

A couple of hours later, I read another person’s tweet lamenting that as an ethnic Indian, the rental market in Singapore looks like this: “”sorry, no Indians”, “Non-Indians only”, “Indians not allowed by owner/landlord”.”

This led to a couple of heated discussions at work and home about it, and while many of us agree (and forgive the fact) that many in our parents’ generation are still unapologetically racist, it is really disturbing to note that there are many of our generation and younger who think it is perfectly alright to discriminate based on the color of one’s skin or country of birth/origin.

So please, stop and think, especially if you’re Singaporean.

Weekly Tweets

  • 12seconds – [Qik] Mobile video by Benjamin Lee #
  • 12seconds – [Qik] Mobile video by Benjamin Lee #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Qik – Mobile video by Benjamin Lee #
  • FB RT: Trying to upload my reel to facebook! Here's the link first… #
  • Thems Ikea chicken wings and meatballs are yums. #
  • Hossan Leong the court jester: #
  • Apple challenges Australian chain's logo trademark #
  • Australia No. 2 for quality of life #
  • Flip Ultra HD or Mino HD? #
  • 12seconds – [Qik] Mobile video by Benjamin Lee #
  • Kai's first 'solid' meal! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Qik – Mobile video by Benjamin Lee #
  • What's good for late lunch at bukit timah plaza? Nonya deli closed, and no going for taiwanese delicacies. #
  • Thanks for all suggestions. Too hungry and baby I tow. Settling for Pizza Hut. #
  • And Kai weighs in at 9.25kg #
  • No more shots for Kai for another 6 months! But he may be allergic to dairy products. #
  • Lunch at the drive thru. #
  • RT @AdrC82: My sympathies go out to the English teacher of Ris Low back in her school days once the media manages to track him/her down… #
  • …"tea, coffee, whole nuts, raw egg and raw shellfish should not be added in the weaning diet." – Nestle nutrition card. #
  • RT @TechCrunch If Teens Don’t Use Twitter, Then Why Do I Have To Read About Miley Cyrus? #
  • something must've happened to the staff at The Handburger. Not one has smiled yet. Ok one has smiled to himself, so that's counted. #
  • Make it fun and people will follow: #
  • Analysis: 'Blackface Jacksons' embarrassing to Australia – #cnn #
  • Which shop in Funan sells Flip camcorders? #
  • To Stereolounge for cast party #hossanleongshow #

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Weekly Tweets

  • RT @gssq: Singapore: the only country in the world which treats foreigners better than its people; #
  • In theatre rehearsing #hossanleongshow #
  • "Low also admitted that she started stealing Pokeman cards when she was young". #
  • RT @mrbrown: RT @badbanana: The dialogue in 'CSI: Miami' seems to be written without any concern for search engine optimization. #
  • Basket, call my friend a horse? RT @kazitoshi: women love funny guys. here's an explanation, from the horse's mouth. #
  • In theatre now. Don't have a dongle, so lucky got blackberry internet. The set's been renovated so we're gonna start a run soon. #
  • Starting cue to cue. Another long night at work. #
  • RT @abigvictory: Tampons: Ribbed For Her Pleasure. Someone get on that. #
  • RT @digg_2000: "25 Awesome Dirty Car Window Drawings [Pics]" – #
  • They should have a travelator spanning the breadth of T3 #
  • RT @skinnylatte: Yu-Mei spent the last 2 years writing her "Singapore: A Biography" book. Fascinating. #
  • Someone tell the Indonesians that hungry ghost month over liao. No need to burn trees for the dead. #
  • RT @eugenekhoo: RT @mrbrown: RT @metacole – ST naming Ris Low's photo filename as 'sg-stupid.jpg'. #
  • Didn't feel tremors but apparently city hall evacuated. #
  • Crew says over P.A. that dress run will be at 8.30pm. #hossanleongshow #
  • I subscribed to videosimprovaveis's channel on YouTube #
  • Show me the funny via @addthis #hossanleongshow #
  • Aftershocks felt on Beach Road. #
  • RT @gssq: Tremors again! So fun! I'm leaving before I get a headache #
  • Is ok, we'll read about it tonight on CNA. RT @cruzteng: Was there a quake again? Or was it my imagination? I'm on Level 6, Radio Bldg. #
  • google #fail #googlewave RT @yjsoon: i got my google wave invite… in my spam box on gmail. errrm. #
  • Hail Red China! Your Sons & Daughters Labor in our Convenience Stores & Food Courts for the Glory of your Socialist People's Republic! #
  • Off to theatre in a bit. It's Opening Night! #hossanleongshow #
  • Thank you everyone who watched on preview night! You were awesome! #
  • ST commenter: "I think the real imbecile is the botak who expect others to stay open just for him!" #
  • The Hossan Leong Show Top 10 Lists: #
  • OMG traffic. Please clear a path to the Drama Centre! #
  • WTF $3 ERP! #
  • Want to encourage reading, arts etc., then turn off the blardy ERP leading to National Library and Drama Centre! $3?! Fark! #
  • In theatre. Half hour call. #
  • RIO #
  • Oooh when my baby when my baby smiles at me I go to RIO… de Janeiro #
  • Oh me oh my oh Rio! Rio de Janeiro! #
  • My blackberry's address book corrupted. Can't add or delete or sync. Only 2 addresses displayed but options show 1200 contacts. #
  • The Handburger lunch before matinee show. #hossanleongshow #
  • 2 Americans next to us complaining non stop about SMU faculty. Don't like to work there then quit lah! Nabeh, sianz man the two of you. #
  • Ok update: one of them quit liao. Quit liao don't complain lah! #
  • RT @hossanleong: The Hossan Leong Show CD out now, distributed by Warner Music, in good CD shops! #
  • Waiting for my seat allocation. #hossanleongshow #

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Weekly Tweets

  • "And that's what you lesbians are missing out on" RT @patlaw: Never seen anything that big before. #
  • Testing twitterberry! #
  • Buying stuff at a surprisingly busy Novena Square #
  • Omg I think I'm gonna get a blister on my thumb #
  • RT @ladyironchef: Oh My God! foie gras macaron #
  • The new Tweetdeck rocks! #
  • RT: @victortan I like tat ans! RT @preetamrai: #snwf person asks if am I a broadcaster. I reply I hv a YouTube channel. #
  • Is on ubertwitter #
  • Taking Taiwanese mother-in-law to Din Tai Fung. Bracing for backlash. #
  • Mac Portable gets a 20th anniversary vivisection #
  • We survived dinner with just one comment on how one dish is not Taiwanese. She blamed the Singapore palate for pressuring the restaurant. #
  • Kai has his thumb to soothe him to bed. I have my Blackberry Bold. #
  • RT @nanyate: IE6, please die already. You're like that village hag that has overstayed her welcome. #
  • F1 drivers should be made to drive through the traffic chaos the event causes. Great lead up event. #
  • Arrrrgh traffic! Damn you Formula 1! #
  • RE: Good luck! And have fun at camp! #
  • Here we are complaining about a slight haze. RT @torvaanser: 1st pictures of the Sydney Sandstorm #
  • I think the Sydney sandstorm blew into Singapore: #
  • Instead of having floodlights to make the F1 race look like day, why not have the race in the day to save electricity? #
  • RT @gurms: One of the tips on the "help prevent the spread of h1n1 on public transport" poster is 'avoid taking public transport'. #
  • Arrrrrgh F1 traffic! #
  • FB RT: Lindsay Lohan is in da house! #
  • Rain arrives for F1 Rocks… so how? Cancel lah? #
  • ''Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.'' – Ireland captain Brian O'Driscoll'' #
  • "This year's fashion is preezon stripes, but I can still wear the leopard prince beginee inside" #rislow #
  • RT @msglitzy: wow! I need monee to buy preezon stripes. becuz i oni have bigini and they are all boomz. #
  • Bluff! Watching F1! RT @sgtraffic: 09:39 Vehicle breakdown on ECP towards City near Benjamin Sheares Bridge. #
  • First right answer wins a pair of tickets to THE HOSSAN LEONG SHOW: Who are Hossan's co-stars in the show? #
  • You have just won a pair of tickets to the Hossan Leong Show! RT @niqkelodean: @miyagi chua enlai, celine rosa tan and karen tan? #
  • "I support the yellow ribbon project by putting black spots on it so it become leopard prince! Vooms!" #rislow #
  • Because it's F1 weekend, I got to come change mum-in-law's tyres. #
  • Orh, I thought F1 cancelled. RT @singapore_news: GP suspended over Subutex #
  • F1 is such an interesting sport. RT @nadnut: waiting for someone to buang or something. #
  • RT @skinnylatte: It transpires that Josie's new boss is TSM's husband! RT @sgnews [CNA] Josie Lau leaves DBS #
  • Via Australia too. RT @angelamay_: American cheese burger in singapore looks surprisingly like Gaines Burgers #
  • Where's a good mall to go to with lotsa baby shops? #
  • Thanks for suggestions. We're at Paragon now. #
  • the 'chicken dance song' is 'the duck dance song' in french. #
  • RT @joannchance: who will bring spanner and hammer to F1 race…..the list of prohibited things lists make me laugh *LOL* #
  • If you're not interested in the race, tonight's a good night to go to that popular restaurant that's always fully booked. #

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Weekly Tweets

  • Myanmar's military has transferred billions of dollars from a gas project into two banks in Singapore #
  • RT @mrbrown: Banks deny holding Myanmar cash RT @agbullet: @mrbrown DBS and OCBC have denied the allegations. #
  • Can you hear that? They are sounding my superhero signal. Now where's my costume?! Mum! Where you put my cape? #
  • RT @tinkertailor: if i wanna bomb singapore, i'd do it on SCDF day so nobody will be alarmed. #
  • RT @angelamay_: The doggie went out to howl with the bomb warning system. It was so cute I've never seen her do that before. All's safe … #
  • Not happy. Blog hacked. Files corrupted. Nabeh WordPress. #
  • All's good. Blog fixed. #
  • RT @mrbrown: Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a "jackass" (via @Mashable ) #
  • RT @mrbrown: Ho Ching charged with molesting a 14-year-old girl and indecent exposure. via @siewkumhong #
  • THE HOSSAN LEONG SHOW opening titles! #
  • Vale, Keith Floyd & Patrick Swayze #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — THE HOSSAN LEONG SHOW! #
  • RT @stephietan: Nice one ST, I download your app and the first thing that pops up? "s'poreans are upbeat abt the recession, says AC Niel … #
  • – No Outside Food. #
  • Is in the midst of rehearsals for The Hossan Leong Show. #
  • DJ Shigeki is in the house! #
  • Singapore's OK because Malaysia is more cock than us: #
  • Got Sunday off! Sunday off right? Wait I check schedule RT @HossanLeong: It's er..FRIDAY!!!! but it's a working weekend AGAIN for me… #
  • Health Alert: For those still in NS (includes reservists) if they give you Permethrin to soak your uniforms in, don't. #
  • RT @HossanLeong: Today is last day for early bird discount for Paul Carr's Executive Voice Course (30 Sept) #
  • #followfriday @HossanLeong cos got The Hossan Leong Show. @angelamay_ because is hottest travel show host. #
  • RT @HossanLeong: Read this fab interview of Catherine Lim with NY Times. Love her! #
  • How about that rain! #
  • – Baby Kai enjoys the cool weather at Grandma's house. #
  • RT @gssq: Citizenship classes should teach – 'Singapore is hot and humid. Please bathe everyday' #
  • fiddling with my brand new bold #

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