The Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide Part One

That’s it, it’s the last weekend before Christmas, and if you haven’t completed your gift-shopping, here are a few leads to help you along.

That’s it, it’s the last weekend before Christmas, and if you haven’t completed your gift-shopping, here are a few leads to help you along.

I’m always going to be biased in favour of Naomi’s business, so let’s get that out of the way:

Minejima & Co. – Playfully Useful Things

RuMe Everyday Tote
RuMe Everyday Tote – Medium – Moss

Minejima & Co. is the sole distributor and stocks the latest patterns and variants from Colorado-based brand RuMe – so if you’re looking for really useful stocking stuffers – check out RuMe’s range of bags, luggage, key, and pet tags.

Red Infernious Handlebar Hero
This is Red Infernious. He’s a Handlebar Hero.

If you know any kid (or adult) with a bicycle, kick scooter or electric scooter, you have to get them a Handlebar Hero. They’re $34.90 each for the large ones, and $14.90 for the tiny ones, which have been seen in a variety of uses – bag accessory, pony-tail tie, and bracelet.

Goodbyn Bynto Lunch Box
Goodbyn Bynto Lunch Box

What no child wants to hear: School will be back in soon after Christmas – and you may want to get ready with a Goodbyn Bynto lunch box – ours come with a water bottle and two sheets of stickers – for $36.

Minejima & Co. has also recently stocked the fabulous toy store Playhao with our range of award-winning Quut Beach Toys, so you can head down there and grab a set while shopping for other toys. Playhao is located in Forum The Shopping Mall on Orchard Road.

Delivery (free for purchases over $60) usually takes under two days, so you have time to order your stuff at now!

It Takes Balls – Join The Maker Revolution

Cast Away Scarf Kit (No Needles)
Cast Away Scarf Kit (No Needles)

To bastardize an old saying: give someone a sweater and s/he has a sweater. teach someone to knit and…. you get the picture. Our good friends It Takes Balls not only has a great business name, they also sell these great knitting kits from another business with a great name, Wool And The Gang.

Join the Maker Revolution: Buy a kit and sign up for an It Takes Balls Knit Party. Email to find out more.

EP Crafters – Upcycled Glassware & Art

Cherry Noir
Grey Goose Tumbler

My friend Steve struck on a great idea last year – upcycling drink bottles and turning them into glasses, plates and lamps. It’s been a hit so far, and he’s now looking to produce more to meet demand.

Pick from vodka, whisky and other alcohol branded bottles which have been expertly cut and sanded into collectors’ item glassware. You could also collect an entire set of Grey Goose flavoured vodka glasses.


Märklin Starter Set
Märklin Starter Set

I mention them again because they carry one of my childhood favourites – Märklin train sets, which I hadn’t seen in Singapore for at least 20 years. If you want to give your kid a proper train set – this is the one to start with. It has real metal tracks which carry the electricity to that powers the trains. A good starter kit can be had for $143.

Stay tuned for Part II!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #3: Xiao Ming (Chinese Compo) T-Shirt

The perfect gift for those who struggled with CL2 essays: A t-shirt with pre-filled first sentence.

Xiao Ming T-Shirt

Get them while stocks last at A Naiise Christmas Pop-Up Store: 72-74 Dunlop Street

Global Hub For Football Match Fixing

Singapore SportsHub

Jialat man. Our legit brands (apart from SIA) still struggle to make a dent internationally, and this fella stamps his authority globally simply by buying greedy football players and referees! Our Ya Kun Kayas and Crystal Jades mais well give up.

The magnitude of the unfolding match-fixing scandal is mind boggling. English football matches and World Cup qualifiers are being manipulated by a Singaporean fixer, and in such an unthinkably brazen way. The players and referees who are being controlled actually give signals like taking a yellow card at the beginning of a game to show that the match is about to be manipulated.

Neil Humphreys, the author of ‘Match Fixer‘, and who is now surely Singapore’s best selling author ever, alerted me to a Telegraph report that contained transcripts of the conversations between undercover investigators and the Singapore fixer.


“So I talk to them. Double confirm. I also tell them, I tell … this [is] what I want … Because simple, I commit myself and they commit. So you tell me how many goals … Give me at least five … either 3-2, 4-0 or zero, … for me four is enough.”

DOUBLE CONFIRM leh! As Neil put it, he might as well be waving his Singapore passport.

How To Burn Krisflyer Miles

I got a little excited this morning when SQ sent an email saying I could now pay for fares by Krisflyer Miles in combination with credit card or paypal payment.

It is very different from redeeming award flights because for 30,000 miles or so you can fly free to say Taipei or Shanghai on an award ticket (but you have to wait till you amass 30K points). But buying a ticket with KF miles gets you this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.14.36 PM

So say you’re short of $50 on your credit card to pay for your air ticket – you can use 4,900 KF points to top it up, meaning one KF mile is worth a whopping ONE CENT.

Regarding race, language and religion

I was so angry a couple of nights ago when I saw a tweet that read, “on the bus home filled with pinoys, argh!” So I asked what it was about pinoys that offended the twit(terer) and he said “they are loud and rude”. At no point did he even consider the fact that what he had written might have been racist and offensive.

A couple of hours later, I read another person’s tweet lamenting that as an ethnic Indian, the rental market in Singapore looks like this: “”sorry, no Indians”, “Non-Indians only”, “Indians not allowed by owner/landlord”.”

This led to a couple of heated discussions at work and home about it, and while many of us agree (and forgive the fact) that many in our parents’ generation are still unapologetically racist, it is really disturbing to note that there are many of our generation and younger who think it is perfectly alright to discriminate based on the color of one’s skin or country of birth/origin.

So please, stop and think, especially if you’re Singaporean.