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Far Cough

Yesterday Kai asked me if I knew what a fart and cough at the same time was called. I said, “No, do you?” He said yes and then took out the last consonant of “fart” and joined it with “cough” to make one word. I told him never to say it again. Tweet

What’s Made Me Feel Better After A Very, Very Long Week

Tonight, our son, who hasn’t asked for one in ages, asks for a ‘goodnight song’ to put him to bed. I scramble because I haven’t sung in a while, and manage ‘Rockabye Baby’, hoping he’ll fall asleep fast if I sang mournfully. After I singĀ it twice, he mumbles, ‘Papa I think that you are one of the best singers ever. Really. Really’, and falls asleep. Tweet

Lego Minifigures To Swap

  So we have two bad cops, one Abe Lincoln, one Panda pair, two baristas and one Western Wyld Style available to swap for: Emmett, William Shakespeare, Robot Girl Receptionist & Mermaid. If we get these, then EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Tweet