Democracy Doesn’t Mean The Minority Must Shut Up

I read a post on Facebook which I will not attribute to the author because he put it as private. The gist of his comment was that he thought that people should stop blaming the majority for voting for the PAP, and that:

“Once the votes have been cast, we should all unite again as Singaporeans to work together for the good of the country. That is after all what democracy is all about right?”

My fellow citizen, you are so fucking WRONG. Democracy means we all retain the right to continue complaining and protesting. No matter who I voted for, I will keep speaking up for the things I believe in, just as you did with yours.

That is how we work together for the good of EVERYONE in this country. So, please, stop gloating and thinking that that’s the end of the debate on S377A and every other minority right.

This country was built by Champion Grumblers, and we will all continue to do so.