We were so lucky to have had a final NYC burger at Shake Shack’s JFK Ter­mi­nal Four out­let, and hav­ing been back in Sin­ga­pore for five days, we’re now suf­fer­ing seri­ous burger with­drawals. Or it could just be jet lag.

I’ve never craved burg­ers so much, and I know there’re burger joints all over the U.S. that’d lay claim to hav­ing the best pat­ties, so we’ll just have to eat our way across 50 states (ok 49, ‘cos maybe not Hawaii ‘cos they prob­a­bly put pineap­ple in theirs) another trip.

But for now, here are the other three out­stand­ing entries:

Steak & Shake’s Steakburger

DBGB’s Frenchie

Ai Fiori’s White Label Burger

If I had to pick a win­ner among all the burg­ers, it’d have to be The White Label. If you can’t taste it for your­self, then know­ing what goes into it may help.

Thank you Michael White

Thank you Michael White

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