To every son and daughter’s mother, a happy Mother’s Day. You’ve made your chil­dren what they are, whether or not you’ve intended to.

To Naomi — on behalf of Kai and myself, thank you for being every­thing he needs.

To Naomi’s Mom, thank you for being family.

And I remem­ber my mother today, for mak­ing us panic every Mother’s Day not know­ing what to plan for lunch and what gifts to get, for­get­ting that you only ever wanted us to be at our best in every­thing we did. I remem­ber you would back us to the hilt if we did our best, defend­ing us as only a mother would.

Moth­er­hood is all love. It’s a good day to show we appre­ci­ate that by shar­ing the love around.

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