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So mrbrown and myself took HPB’s Healthy Lifestyle Index, and he’s beat me 7 to 6. But that’s cos he’s got like 20 bicy­cles and I’ve got one that I sel­dom ride.

OK, of course there are many other fac­tors involved. Put a bit of fun into it, pick a rival and do the HLI together. If you need fur­ther moti­va­tion, there are 30 Fit­bit Zips (worth $105) to be won by the first 30 peo­ple who take the Index via this link:

It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll be done in no time — leav­ing you with ample oppor­tu­ni­ties to trump your rival. Fol­low us on our blogs ( and as we duke it out.

(Note: The HLI works only on all plat­forms, but it’s best expe­ri­enced on a desk­top. The rivalry thingie works only on desktops)

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