I rode in a cab yes­ter­day to a meet­ing, and the dri­ver was apolo­getic the moment I got on. He didn’t know where my des­ti­na­tion was, and asked if I had a pre­ferred route I knew of, and if I could guide him. He said it was only the sec­ond day he’d been dri­ving, and that it was his friend’s taxi.

I asked why his friend would let him drive the cab when he was so blur with direc­tions, and by fur­ther admis­sion, didn’t know how to use a GPS. He replied that he was, with two other friends with taxi dri­ver licenses, help­ing out the renter of the taxi to make the daily rental of $130 while he recu­per­ated from treat­ment for a “mild stroke”.

Appar­ently, their efforts in ask­ing the taxi com­pany for a rent-free period had been in vain, and the com­pany had actu­ally said that if the rent was in arrears for more than three days, the taxi would be leased to some­one else, and the renter would have to start over with a new appli­ca­tion if he so wished, but only after pay­ing his dues.

If this is true, then, I com­mend the taxi com­pany for try­ing to keep more cabs on the road. We, the pub­lic, really don’t care if your dri­vers are sick or not.

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