Once Was A Great Way To Fly

5 Jun 2012 Update: SQ’s Customer Service emailed to apologize and say that they have “alerted our engineers of the defective tray table and also reminded our engineering colleagues to step up their pre-flight checks to ensure that our cabin facilities and equipment are in working order prior to flight departure”, and that the Cabin Crew Manager will be monitoring the particular crew member’s performance closely. They are also giving us S$150 worth of inflight gift vouchers as a token.

When we were on the SQ flight to Shanghai last Friday, I read an article in that day’s BT about the airline’s unprecedented consecutive quarter losses. In it, CEO Mr Goh Choon Phong said there was no basis to write off the airline.

That may be true, because to write off the airline as a failure, a bankrupt enterprise would be wrong. SQ would still function as an airline, just not the best, just not the most innovative, just not the one with the inflight service that other airlines talk about.

Last night, on our flight home, my economy class meal was about as good as an economy rice dinner, only smaller. And the much vaunted New Economy Class seats and Krisworld Inflight Entertainment System exhibited a fair bit of wear and tear.

One of our tray tables was broken, and because it was a full flight, we weren’t able to get to another seat with a working one. But what made Naomi’s and my jaw drop was the air-stewardess who noted the tray table defect, and still tried to serve dinner, assuming that Naomi would place her tray on her lap.

This was one situation where a cable tie would have come in handy.

Someone had difficulty returning the control to the cradle
The broken tray table