Month: March 2012

The day we lost half an hour

My first entry into the Singapore Memory site: The year we followed West Malaysia into GMT +8:00 was the year I started secondary school. We had until then been happily existing at GMT +7:30 when the government of Malaysia suddenly decided it would be a really good idea if both West and East Malaysia shared the same time zone. I remember news reports of school children complaining that they now had to wait for school buses in the dark – as the sun had not yet risen at that (half) hour – and of some other school children who turned up half hour late for school on 2 Jan 1982, because somehow, they had not heard about the time zone change. Tweet

The bicycle kick that could

I was asking mrbrown yesterday why a bicycle kick in football is called a bicycle kick. It doesn’t resemble a bicycle, and when the kicker executes it, even if correctly, it doesn’t look like he/she is riding a bicycle, unless you count riding a bicycle upside down and about to fall off and hurt yourself. That aside, we watched a video of what’s possibly the most famous kick of that kind, executed to perfection way, way back in 1993, at the National Stadium, in the Malaysia Cup, by Singapore football legend, V. Sundramoorthy. It rates as one of the best goals ever scored anywhere. And for Sundram to find the back of the net still beggars belief: The striker has his back to the goal (obviously coached to do so) and a looping cross from the right floats at above head height, beating three short defenders as a result, and asks for a ridiculously spectacular and accurate kick to be attempted because, what the heck, when nothing is ventured, nothing is usually gained, and Singapore …