Month: November 2011

Golf GTI Party Report

I was actually taken by surprise when I tried to make my way on time for the Golf GTI35 Party at Kallang AirportĀ last night. I was already running late getting to the north end of the premises, where the map of the event said I should head, when I got stuck in a queue of VW Golfs trying to get into the premises as well. I felt like an imposter (I drive a Volvo) trying to gatecrash, but I was helpfully guided by a flustered valet operator asking me to try my luck coming in from Nicoll Highway. I managed to park a distance away and walk to the entrance of the party, which I might add, was really quite impressive. This had to be one of the more flamboyant car events I had ever attended. mrbrown was just as impressed as we walloped the food on offer in between taking photographs of the cars and people. Even if you’re not a GTI fan (there’s a gallery of GTIs from Marks I to VI), you’d …

Volkswagen GTI 35th Anniversary Celebrations

A friend commented yesterday about “Volkswagen” being literally (German) “People’s Car”. Well, one of the “People’s Cars” has grown up, and in fact, turns 35 this year. You could call the Golf GTI the “Sporty People’s Car”, and you could say you think of it when you think about hatchbacks. There’s a party this weekend at the Old Kallang Airport (Stadium Link) where there’ll be food and fun and even a beauty pageant (Miss Golf GTI – you can check out her hatchback or her boot). Free food vouchers for the first 10,000 registrants too, so you might want to hurry and register here. There’s a map in case you’re driving and don’t want to end up at the National Stadium demolition site, and information about the programme as well. Better yet, there are shuttle services to and from the event from various locations around town. I’ll be checking out the event at a preview this Friday evening, and I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. Tweet