Month: June 2011

Shame, MBS and Mediacorp

Getting stuck in traffic can rile one up quite badly. Worse, I saw a truck this evening whose sole purpose was to display an ad for The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Its cab bore a Mediacorp logo. Seriously, guys, WTF are you thinking? You might as well put your mouth on the exhaust pipe and suck on it. Tweet

Birth of the backseat driver

Not content with his specially curated iPad content in the car, Kai yesterday directed a yell at me while we were at a traffic junction. I turned to look and see what it was he wanted. It took the second repetition for me to realise he was saying, “Green means go, Papa!” Next he’ll be complaining how slowly I drive. Damn they grow up too quickly. Tweet

Not your usual rugby videos

Naomi and I were delighted to discover a new channel on StarhubTV called Setanta Sports, which supposedly shows rugby matches. Perfect timing since there’s going to be all this rugby action in the World Cup in NZ later this year, and I don’t have to rely on YouTube highlights anymore. YouTube’s good for some things like promo videos and campaigns. Like the Australian rugby one, which was launched last night, and which features athletes from other sports as well as the PM: But it can’t beat the series of ads for Rugby World Cup broadcaster Sky Sports: Tweet