Month: December 2010

Waxy corn

On our eating tour of Shanghai, we came upon a shop on Huaihai Lu that sold steamed corn on the cob. Perfect for nomming while walking back to our serviced apartment. A couple of bites into one, I started asking Naomi’s mum how they managed to put sweet glutinous rice into every kernel of corn – because, you know, this is China, and they can damn well do anything they like these days. So apparently it wasn’t a GM corn cob we were nomming on, but a naturally occurring variant of corn found in China, The Philippines, and Burma. (No pictures. Hands were tied eating). Tweet

Home again

We had so many things we had to get a Maxi Cab to get us home. As you can imagine, not everything’s unpacked yet, and we also have the creeping feeling that Shanghai’s grown on us. Heck. I think I spoke more Mandarin in one week than I have in ten years. Tweet