My friend becomes a knight

Hossan is awesome, and he makes things look so easy if you don’t see him panicking, trying to memorise scripts because they’ve been given to him at the last minute.

He speaks French so well that if you were stranded on a desert island that was a French colony, you’d want him to be in your tribe.

More importantly, he’s got heart.

Félicitations, Ch. Leong, Hossan.

SINGAPORE: Singapore Boy Hossan Leong has received the prestigious Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (The Order of Arts and Literature). The distinction honours Hossan’s achievements in the Arts and significant contributions to French culture worldwide – in particular his involvement in cultural ties between Singapore and France.

The forty-one year old actor/director and radio presenter learnt of his Knighthood when he received a letter and certification from France’s Minister For Culture and Communication, Frederic Mitterrand. An official ceremony to confer the title will be held at the Ambassador of France to Singapore’s residence in coming weeks.

“It’s a dream come true to be recognized for something that I’m passionate about, French Culture and the Arts,” Leong said.

Hossan has starred in several French themed productions with Sing’theatre – including the company’s tribute to Edith Piaf and the recent production of A Singaporean In Paris. He represented the Singapore Actors in Paris at the inaugural Asian Film Festival. In 2006 Hossan was awarded the Prix des Ambassadeurs Francophones (Francophone Ambassador Award).

Hossan lived in the South of France during his twenties where he studied French. He has also been actively involved with the French community in Singapore hosting events and teaching acting classes to the students at the French School.

Leong is the co founder of the Paul Carr Consultancy Pte Ltd – a Singapore based Entertainment & Media Training Company and is a popular host/stand-up comedian for corporate events.

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Eat fish will die ah? Eat this one and you might

Blood still boiling from the discovery of yesterday’s Razor TV coverage of the same restaurant buying and serving giant grouper that CNA talked about last month, Naomi did a little research and found that not only is this big fish a vulnerable species, it is also likely to be poisonous as its flesh contains a neurotoxin that cannot be destroyed by heat of cooking.

The largest bony fish found in coral reefs (Ref. 9710). Common in shallow waters. Found in caves or wrecks; also in estuaries. Individuals more than a meter long have been caught from shore and in harbors. Juveniles secretive in reefs and rarely seen (Ref. 48635). Benthopelagic and benthic (Ref. 58302). Feed on spiny lobsters, fishes, including small sharks and batoids, and juvenile sea turtles and crustaceans. In South African estuaries, the main prey item is the mud crab, Scylla serrata. Unconfirmed reports of fatal attacks on humans. Nearly wiped out in heavily fished areas (Ref. 9710). In the Hong Kong live fish markets (Ref. 27253). Large individuals may be ciguatoxic (Ref. 37816).

Judging by how unintelligible this commenter on the greendrinks blog sounds, some people might have already been poisoned.

ST equals CNA’s cluelessness

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Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb… If you sing that to the tune of the score from “Jaws”, you’ll be able to warn others about our fine country’s “trusted” news sources.

Last month we featured how CNA celebrated the capture and cooking of a Queensland Grouper despite it being on the IUCN red list.
Now we if you click on the link below you’ll see ST’s version, posted yesterday on their web video news Razor TV.

Please do pass this on to everyone you know. Maybe we can even ask IUCN to amend the “conservation actions” section on the species to include Singapore’s unique “catch ‘em, fry ‘em and eat ‘em” action on vulnerable species.

View the video at RAZORTV – Singapore lands 220kg fish.

Oh, so that’s what a tantrum sounds like

Ow! Ow!

Kai is growing really quickly. Every day he comes up with something new. Like yesterday morning, he tried taking off his pyjamas on his own – and I know I can’t be bothered to word the event in a more exciting fashion, because if you’re not a parent, you won’t get why I’m so amazed and proud anyway. Just like the time he said “chicken”.

If I were to dig through this blog’s archives, I’d probably find some post where I wrote “bring on the terrible twos”, but because we have to run after Kai almost every waking minute of the day, I simply don’t have time to dig through this blog’s archives.

But bring it on he has. Naomi and I are currently experiencing the brunt of Kai’s spectacular meltdowns. They happen without warning, out of the blue, as sudden and unexpected as an Orchard Road flash flood.

Self-radicalisation and the terrorism expert

To accompany last month’s word of the month, “culvert”, comes a term from the Home Team, and it is “self-radicalisation”.

I’ve been swamped with work lately, and have only caught snippets of what this ‘self-radicalisation’ means in today’s internet and new media age.

Apparently, something to do with surfing bad stuff on the net that makes you want to radicalise yourself. (Back in my day, we self-radicalised to less high tech things like Playboy and Hustler).

But the funnier thing to me in all this is that in nearly 9 years since 9/11, our nation’s trusted news sources have continued to call on a self-professed terrorism expert whose opinions have been pilloried elsewhere, for various reasons.

I dunno. Maybe in our country, we don’t hear alarm bells very well.

All’s well in the world because our son can say “chicken”

He said it loudly and clearly – possibly the clearest he’s every pronounced any (English) word. The rest are approximations which we accept because he’s a baby and we’re his parents.

“Chicken”, he said. And then Mama took out her iPhone and tried to make him repeat the word. As you’d expect, it wasn’t going to happen. Nope, Nada, Nando’s.

All he did was point at the bowl of chicken strips that we made for him for dinner, and signed for more. But cute lah, our son.