Month: April 2010

Regular programming will return

Naomi and I have been more than a little under the weather, and it’s been tough even updating blogs and tweets regularly. Nothing seems to be happening except for us trying to pick ourselves off the floor and meeting our various obligations, many of which involve Kai of course. He’s got a busier social life than we do. But cute lah, he. Every morning, he makes me laugh out loud with something new he’s learned. Like wriggling out of his high chair and squatting on his tray table while my back is turned. We have a stunt man in the house. Tweet

Junk mail with a cause

I hate junk mail, and not the electronic kind. I get tons of paper jammed into our mailbox downstairs, and it really really irks me to see that companies keep thinking it’s the best way to get word out about their products and services. Well it’s not, and you’re not getting my business, pizza hut, canadian241 and KFC and various other real estate agents! So it was with some glee that I found in our letterbox yesterday a junk mail from St Joseph’s Institution’s Green Club. I was going to be all cynical and blog about how ungreen their Green Club could be – putting dead tree junk mail into people’s mailboxes and hoping the recipients won’t just chuck it without reading it. But seeing as I was going to blog about it, I read it, and found that, okay, it was for a good cause – SJI’s Green Club is collecting used and unused spectacles for people who are too poor to get glasses themselves. It’s called the Gift of Sight Project. So, you’re …